Regal Medallion Travel Base , Choose from: Standard, Midge, Stainless, Big Game


Regal Travel Vise: Chose from Standard, Midge, Stainless, Big Game Heads. The Travel Base is a short base ( to save weight ) and has pockets to store hooks and beads. Made in USA, Lifetime warranty by Regal.


Regal Vises have been a long time favorite. Originally by John Dorin. John was a famous industrial designer, creator of the BIC lighter amongst other things. John developed the famous jaw based on a reverse lock system where a spring holds the jaw remains normally closed and the handle opens it, allowing you to drop the hook in.

Today, Regal has expanded the original jaw to include a midge jaw, stainless steel, big game ( saltwater jaw ). Heads can be pulled off and swapped out allowing you to use different heads with different jaws. ( Note: Jaws are not swappable, all jaws are attached to a head. )

The vise moves up and down on the clamp and the head swivels and turns. While this vise isn’t a spinning vise, it does rotate allowing you to tie things like Clouser Minnows with ease.

One of the Best Designs Ever!

This vise comes with the travel base. It has a short base with pockets. The short base weighs less and has a shorter stem.

Made in the USA with a Lifetime warranty.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in
Jaw Style

Big Game, Midge, Stainless Steel, Standard


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