Shipping Rates & Overseas Shipment of Game Products

Shipping Rates & Overseas Shipment of Game Products:

Our shipping rates are at cost. Small orders under $25 are generally around $4.50 to ship out. Orders from $25-35 are typically around $5-7.50. Rods are $15-20, vises are around $12-15. As the weight increase the shipping rate changes and also as the dollar value goes up the rate changes. Also zones impact pricing. For instance California, Washington and Oregon are more. Alaska, Hawaii are often more depending on the weight.

Overseas shipments have gotten quite expensive. Typically it is $15-35 to mail things overseas. Heavy items like vises run around $60-75. We do the shipping at our cost. Where I can, I will send it the cheapest way possible.

Your order is packed by me and all items are also hand selected by me. Your order isn’t filled by some kid jazzed up on monster drinks. Real people give you direct personal attention.

Most domestic shipments are sent USPS and we will provide tracking numbers when possible. Many smaller orders are sent via large envelope and aren’t tracked. We reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason. Mostly, we don’t want to send one spool of thread, run a charge and then ship it for $.50. Sorry, we can’t make that up on volume. I also try to send everything out the same or next day when possible. We get behind and we’ll do our best to send as best we can. If you want one thing, stop in our store or see us at a show.

Lost or Damaged Domestic Goods:  If its damaged, missing parts or something is wrong, let us know. We’ll try to fix it, send another or get you the parts ect. I give you the best service I can. If items are lost, or late we’ll do our best to straighten it out. If is a gift when you order and you need it by a certain day, let us know. 

Overseas Shipment of Game Products:

Game products like ducks, rabbit, squirrels, deer and elk can’t be shipped overseas without an export permit. Those run around $150 to process now, so I am sorry I can’t ship any game products overseas. Customers that order those items will have all funds returned and the order cancelled. We ship tools, hackle ( chicken ), thread, chenilles and various synthetics.

VAT & Duty:

Typically Canada, UK and the EU have various VAT and duty taxes. You are 100% responsible for any and all duty or VAT. You should check with your postal authorities for any taxes that may be due. Due to various laws, I must declare the the value at 100% of the retail value.

Overseas Late Shipments:

Some countries are typically very slow for deliveries. We use USPS most of the time. Once an item is shipped we have no control over the item once it leaves. We are not responsible for the goods once they’ve been shipped. Any and all issues with the shipping is the responsibility of the postal service. Many countries don’t have tracking and also the insurance is of little or no value. Unfortunately, we have little power to change or alter anything once it goes. Understand it can take 6-8 weeks for delivery of many items to be delivered. If you are in a hurry, you can arrange to have express shipping although the cost of that can be quite high. If an item is lost, you may be at risk if you didn’t pay to have the item insured.