About Us

About Us:

Badger Creek Fly Tying is one of the longest continuously running fly fishing and fly tying sites on the internet. Literally, we helped to invent fly tying on the internet, being one of the first web based fly shops. Our list of firsts has been copied by dozens of companies and individuals. We started in 1995 when folks asked us to help supply many of the items I used as a demo tyer at fly tying shows, classes and club demos. Originally, I sold flies commercially and people asked where they could get the materials I was using. I would often write down the patterns, steps and providing lots of useful tips or instructions. We are now beginning our 29th year in business. 

Over the years, we’ve been to hundreds of shows, demos and fly fishing events across the USA. I’ve meet literally thousands of fly fishers and fly tyers. Our customer list over the years reads like a Who’s , Who of fly fishing and fly tying. Mention an author or fly fishing celebrity and likely they’ve been one of our customers at one time or another. We’ve also dealt with movie companies, been in various kinds of media ( TV, Radio, Podcasts) and we’ve been profiled by Apple Computer as users of their products ( we were sandwiched between the Rock Group Supertramp and the Author Tom Clancy. ) So while others are blowing their own horn,  bragging about this, that or the other thing, we’ll keep do what do, supplying great stuff. 

We are one of the world’s best sources of natural fly tying materials and classic fly tying supplies. We are recognized as world leaders in supplying unusual, interesting and unique materials. Through our sources we supply the best quality fly tying materials, tools, flies and fly tackle at fair and reasonable prices. We shop the world so you don’t have to. We can provide you with consistency, quality and innovative products. If you don’t see something here, ask and we’ll see what we can do. If it’s something we don’t do, we’ll let you know. We also don’t sell lifestyle, dog beds, clothes or deer scent. We are first and for most a fly tying and fly fishing company. Unlike our competitors,  we actually tie flies have years of experience understanding and using fly tying materials. We sell real things not some matrix or trend of hot items. 

Having grown up in a family business and the Midwest, our values are simple: we treat you like we’d like to be treated. We aren’t some giant warehouse where orders are filled by robots and kids jazzed up on energy drinks. We also understand you. We can grade hackle or help you select the perfect color of dubbing and the right thread for your application. 

So fish with the original, using original materials, patterns and flies. They’ve always worked and they will continue to perform when that latest trendy thing has run its course. We’ve been outfitting fly tyers and fly fishing since 1995, so let us help you to outfit your next adventure! 

Mike Hogue, 

Badger Creek Fly Tying