Overseas Orders and OMD ( Glues ) Items

Most game products we offer can not be shipped overseas due to Federal Regulations. This includes rabbit, squirrels, ducks, elk, deer and CDC. Any orders that include these items will be cancelled and all funds will be returned. We can ship tackle, rods, reels, waders, bags, vises, tools and UV  & CA glues.

Most domestic chicken products can be shipped overseas and these include: Capes, Saddles, Necks, Strung Hackle, Strung Marabou and Hen saddles.

All the shipping will be at cost. Given the increases in the cost of shipping, it becomes a challenge to ship items overseas at a reasonable rate. We will do our best to send it the best way possible. I should mention once an item is mailed there may or may not be any tracking once the package leaves the USA. We will not be held responsible for lost packages or packages that are late. We have little or no control once an item is sent. I can’t resend or unsend it, nor can I make it go faster if it is held for customs. If you are in a hurry, you can upgrade the shipping to express . And contrary to public belief, Canada is not the 51st State of the USA, it is a sovereign nation with its own rules.

All VAT and customs fees are the responsibility of the customer. We must list the item’s full retail value on the package at the current prices sold due to many regulations. I can’t insure an item and I am subject to lots of issues if I mark the customs value below the sales price.

OMD and Glues: By Federal law lithium batteries, and all OMD glues can not travel on airplanes. These items must be shipped ground. Generally it is 7-10 days to send from NY to CA with everything in between a shorter time. I will try to let you know if you ordered an OMD. Glues that can be shipped any method include: CA , UV and waterproof glues. Some kits contain OMD glues.