Store Polices

Our Goals: We strive to have the best quality items we can find at fair and reasonable prices. We strive to have great customer service and ship most things within 1-3 business days. Please understand we are a small business with a sole proprietor ( me) doing all the work.

Pricing: All prices subject to change without notice.  Given the current environment, prices can change almost instantly. Generally, we change prices as items come in. if our cost goes up there isn’t much we can do about it. Many suppliers have different rules, but usually prices change in the fall. Often I keep prices the same until it sells out. I don’t just raise the price.

Price Matching: We don’t price match. We are a small business and I can’t monitor or check prices. Where we can we meet or beat most prices. I think you’ll find we have great prices. If we get a deal, we’ll pass it on to you. If I source something, you’ll usually get a better price. I also have people custom dyeing things for us. We get all kinds of things made for us, dyed for us and many things I develop myself. Many of our items are rare, unusual and hard to locate.

Discounting:  We don’t discount. We are a capitalist business with a singular goal: making money. If I offer a discount to you and your buddy doesn’t get one, that’s an issue. In many instances if we discount something we risk losing our dealerships if we do. We do offer sales, clearance and close outs. We also source things ourselves  offering you savings of 20-50%. We also don’t offer spam email coupon bombs 3-4 times a week that are basically worthless. We don’t mark something up and then offer a sale coupon to mark it back down to a regular price.

Presumed Use: Everything here is presumed to be used for fly tying.  We don’t know anything about taxidermy or craft applications. If you think it might work try it, but I can’t provide support to anything I don’t know how to do.

Photos and Copyright: I do not photograph individual pieces or specific items. Photos are representative of the item shown and items can vary. I will do my best to describe an item. I will not send multiple photos of items. I don’t have time. If you wanting a specific colors, size or shape, it might be best to pick that item out at a show or stop in the store. All images are copyrighted and we retain any and all rights to our images, descriptions and use of this media. I don’t appreciate getting knocked off and having my work stolen or used without my permission. Please contact us for use of content. All media on this is site is copyrighted. Clubs, individuals or groups may use or exchange information. I also do not reveal sources. If you want something of mine, please buy it from me.

Small Part Alert: Fly tying contains loads of small parts, pieces, sharp items ( hooks )  and also other hazardous materials. None of our items are to be considered to be toys. Use care around small children, pets and usage should be by competent adults. Please use care in storing and use.

California Prop 65: We’re not from California. I will issue one blanket policy. ANY and ALL  things here may contain potentially hazardous materials .  There are items that are dyed, glued and  or use raw materials used to create vises, tools, and various things that may contain hazardous chemicals. There can be coatings and also all sorts of things used to process things we sell. I have no idea if anything can create health issues. Wash your hands after use. Nothing we sell is to be consumed as a food source. Don’t eat it or feed it to a pet period. If necessary we will provide MSD sheets on demand.

Overseas Agents: We reserve the right to hold any all funds for up to 15 days to verify validity of the funds before we ship the goods. We don’t accept agents, overnighting packages without our control or instant transfers/refunds/overnighting.

Traveling: Part of our business involves traveling to shows. During show season ( Jan to March ) we often are on the road going to shows. Much of my stock is packed up and we’ll do our best to send our your order as quick as we can. If I am late or sold out of something, I’ll try to let you know.

Bad Behavior: Over the years I’ve dealt with all sorts of things. If you behave badly, we have a low tolerance for pain. After covid, we quite simply don’t do crazy anymore. We reserve the right not service anyone for any reason. We stock many unusual, exotic and difficult things to locate. We offer our products at fair and reasonable prices. That’s what we do. We are one of the best at this.

Lastly…..  have fun! This is your hobby and sport. Enjoy it. I’ll try my best to take care of you. Mike