Cortland Liquid Crystal Series Guide Taper, Weight Forward Floating Line


The Liquid Crystal Guide is a Saltwater weight forward flyline that was designed for loading fast action rods quickly. This line features a monofilament core and Cortland’s signature Liquid Crystal jacket material for withstanding extreme heat while still remaining slick, supple and fast shooting. The Guide Taper is a half line size heavy.


The Liquid Crystal Series Guide taper is Cortland’s slickest, most versatile tropic floating line for extreme heat. A half line size heavy, this taper matches modern action rods perfectly to deliver short and long range casts. An extended back taper allows for fast line pick up for when the fish are on the move. e Guide Taper is built with a short 6 ft. body for quickly transferring energy into your cast and delivering flies efficiently. The 29 ft. back taper helps carry line in the air when longer casts are necessary and allows for quick pickups when the fish are on the move. The short 3 ft. front taper effortlessly turns over any large patterns and weighted flies.For those that fish in extreme heat situations, this line will keep its shape, without becoming too soft. Ideal for those seeking peacock bass or other jungle species.


  • Highly Visible Sea Foam
Aggressive Taper
  • Minimal Line Stretch
  • 100’ Saltwater, Floating, Weight Forward

Core: Monofilament

Species: Bonefish / Redfish / Permit / Milkfish / Trigger Fish / Tarpon / Snook

Color: Seafoam

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

WF10F, WF11F, WF12F, WF13F, WF5F, WF6F, WF7F, WF8F, WF9F