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The Griffin Vise Offset is a new tool which can really aid your tying . This spring I searched all over looking for the right extender and went so far as to have a machinist custom make a tool which is very similar to the vise offset. When I visited with Bernie Griffin of Griffin tools and asked if I could buy certain pieces to make such a tool, he told me that he already sells the kit. I looked through all of my distributors catalogs and none of them carried this tool. So I made arrangements for one of my distributors to carry this tool as I really like it.

On another page ( tips and such ) I mentioned that a vise extender can aid your tying and reduce your shoulder, back and stress on your hands. 99 % of the tiers I've ever seen have their vise way too high on the table. With the vise offset you can put the vise away and down from the table. This acts to set your vise at a more natural position by having your hands rest and work in a straight line.

Having had problems with the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome from using my hands so much in my real job, anything I can do to reduce stress on my fingers and hands will only help me in my later years. Having seen the effects of carpal tunnel on several of my friends, I personally do not wish to tax my arms and hands any more than they already are. In other words, a simple $16 tool may give you all of the help you need.

The vise offset is handy in that it improves the flexibility of any vise. The extender will allow you to turn , twist or set your vise in any plane or at any angle. Any vise with a 3/8" stem will fit the extender and you can now tie in any plane using the vise offset. Instead of struggling with a Clouser Minnow, you can loosen the nuts and change the tying angle. The offset is also a handy addition for attaching a trash bag and puts the trash bag over your lap so that the clippings don't go on the floor. Here's a few ways you can use the extender...........

Use the offset on a pedestal vise to improve your reach and work space.


Use the offset with a c-clamp to put work closer to you to reduce eye stress...... By having tiny midges and such near you, you can see your work in better detail.


Here's my personal favorite:

Flip the offset upside down and stick the left bar into a c-clamp. This will push the vise away and down from the table. Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle and rest beside your body. This is the most natural position to work. I always use my vise this way. My arms, shoulders and back are more comfortable and I don't stress my hands . No longer am I hunched over or reaching at odd angles. I can also rotate the vise around the top plane 360 degrees ( like a helicopter) or turn it around the front plane 360 degrees ( like a an airplane propeller) . The offset screws tight and locks . When locked down it will not wiggle or move about.


Here's the best part the price: $23.50

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