Tywheel Deer Trimmer


The Tywheel Deer Trimmer is a razor blade holder designed to help shape deer hair.

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The Tywheel Trimmer is a more innovative way to trim/cut materials during the tying process. It was created to hold razor blades to avoid deep cuts to your hands and provide more control over the blades.

Cutting Options: Freehand & Fixed

Freehand: leave the knurled tension nut on the handle loose so the blade remains strait in the trimmer. Hold the trimmer in your preferred hand and squeeze the handle like a pair of tweezers to reach your desired blade curvature.

Fixed: rotate the knurled tension nut on the side of the handle until the blade reaches your preferred curvature.

Key Features:

•Blade Precision
The TyWheel Trimmer provides the tyer the ability to hold a set curvature during the cutting process which helps one generate a more symmetrical group of flies.

•Blade Security
The TyWheel Trimmer holds the blade securely in place which prevents the risk of the blade ejecting from the handle and also prevents the opportunity for cuts by removing the blade from your finger tips.

Hurry this item has been discontinued and I have limited stock.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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