Pink Vixen Urine Burned Fox ( AKA Pink Hendrickson Fur )


Urine Burned Pink Fox is a natural pale pink fur. The color is ideal for Pink Hendrickson fur. This is lighter than the Vixen Coyote I sell which has more pink than the Vixen Fox, the texture is similar. This is quite rare and I have a limited stock.


This is the real stuff Pink Vixen fox. Listed by Catskill Legend Art Flick , this the Hendrickson Pink . Why tie with a mess of shredded yarn when you can use the real stuff? Most of the “Pink Hendrickson” isn’t close to the original. The real stuff is pale pink, mixed with smokey gray and cream. I’ve include several photos since most people have no idea what this actually looks like.

Quite rare , this is ideal for wet flies , dry flies . Due to limited amount available customers may only purchase 2. There is pale pink, tannish pink and gray pink. Specify choice or we’ll select a nice one.

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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