Nature’s Spirit Genetic Midge Neck Tops


Nature’s Spirit Genetic Midge Neck Tops, these are cape trimmings from genetic capes. These come as white or grizzly dyed. The Medium ties size 16-24 and the small ties size 18-24. These are the best value for midge hackle available.


These are cape tops ( heads ) from genetic hackle. These are the section of the smallest hackle on a dry fly cape. The hackle comes in 2 sizes medium 12-18 and small (Midge ) 16-20. The heads are dyed over white and grizzly. The hackle is carded and packed in a zip lock. There is a 3 pack Assortment of small Midge heads ( sorry no choice of colors , although I can try to send bright or natural colors. )

Try some of the bright colors as many times you can create some interesting flies with bright hackle that is much more visible. Great value for those that tie small flies. If you are from Colorado you need to order at least 50 of these. I sold several stacks of these to one of your local big names (author/guide ).

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in

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Medium, Small