Maxxon Outfitter’s Talon Fly Reel


Maxxon Outfitter’s Talon Fly Reel is a durable die-cast  large arbor fly reel with a disc drag and palming rim. Great entry level reel, as an add on. Ideal for clubs or classes.


The Talon fly reel is an extremely durable, lightweight aluminum design, die-cast then machined to perfection. The large, v-shaped arbor helps provide speedy line recovery with a strong center disc-drag system, ensuring plenty of braking power while the fight is on. Well-balanced and available in a variety of sizes with extremely inexpensive, quick-detach, spare-spool options.
Die-Cast Aluminum with Precision Secondary Machining
V-Shaped Large Arbor Spool
Powerful Rulon Disc Center Drag
Easily Converts for Left- or Right-Hand Retrieve
Stone Gray Color
Black Cordura Nylon Zip-Top Protective Travel Tube with Reel
Lifetime Limited Warranty  & Maxxon’s Unparalleled Customer Support

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

3/4 Reel, 3/4 Spool, 5/6 Reel, 5/6 Spool, 7/8 Reel, 7/8 Spool, 9/10 Reel, 9/10 Spool