Loon Tippet Rings


Loon Tippet rings have a 2mm diameter with a 17 pound break strength and a Black Nickel color. These are ideal for traditional wet fly set ups, Czech/Euro nymph rigs and can be used with dry flies.

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Using Loon Tippet Rings at connection points makes it easier to swap out rigs, conserves tippet, and strengthens the connection between leader/tippet of different sizes. Tippet rings allow you to easily set up 2-3 way fly rigs or to create drop shot for Euro nymphing. These rings are also great for fishing traditional wet flies or soft hackles in 2-3 set ups. The versatile 2mm size has a 17lb break strength. 10 rings/package.


  • 2mm size
  • 17lb break strength
Can be used with dry fly rigs
  • Minimizes wasted tippet
  • Allows for quicker rig changes
  • 10 rings/package

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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