Loon Rogue Hook Hone


Loon Rogue Hook Hone is diamond hook hone with 2 slots and different grits to sharpen most hooks. Comes with Loon locking cable to attach to vests, packs or zingers.

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The Loon Hook Hone is a diamond file with cut slots and 2 different grits to sharpen hooks. If hooks get put away wet they’ll rust. Sharpening a dull hook can add new life to an old fly. Think about it: your fly has a ton of opportunities to become dulled even if the hook was sharp when it left the manufacturer. Rocks can dull the best chemically sharpened point. Why not put your fly in the best condition to catch fish by sharpening it?

Tip: to sharpen a hook make 3 triangle shaped swipes. If you file and create flat spots, the hook won’t penetrate as well. Try making the point 3 sided and you’ll get better hook ups.


  • Two different grits
  • -Keeps hooks sharp
  • Increase hook up rate

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in


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