Hardy Brothers 150th Anniversary Reel: LRH and Princess


Hardy Brothers 150 Anniversary Reel: LRH and Princess Reels. Made in England these are the celebrating Hardy’s 150th Anniversary.


When Hardy looked through its history to find the best tackle to commemorate our 150th anniversary, it was quickly decided that the Lightweight series in the 1970 edition was the correct choice as a reisssue. This series is true to the original, and also at an accessible price accessible. The full range has been reissued ( other sizes available as a special order, please email us ) with a nickel silver double screw line guide, raised spindle casing, and a collectable leather reel bag. The line guard is marked with an engraved commemorative dating of 1872-2022 and this will only be sold through December 2022.


Celebrating 150 years of the Hardy brand
The Iconic lightweight series manufactured in barstock aluminium
Classic two screw line Guard
Commemorative engraving
Supplied in a soft leather reel case

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

LRH: 4/5, Princess: 5/6