Griffin Hackle Gauge, Threaders, Threader/Cleaner


Griffin Hackle Gauge, Threaders, Threader/Cleaner


These are made by Griffin Fly Tying in Montana. They have a lifetime warranty, great values and are well made.

The Hackle Gauge slides down and fits on any standard 3/8” stem American vise.
( This doesn’t fit some Euro brands like Stonfo or Danvise, this could be drilled out to fit larger sizes. ) The hook gauge has sizes for most dry fly bends , although this can be used to approximate some wet and streamer styles. To measure hackle, wrap hackle, around the small peg and see where the fibers overlap. This is a dry fly gauge about 1.5 x the hook gap of a standard dry fly hook.

The Threader-Cleaners have a wide and a standard diameter and are used to remove wax from thread tubes. Many wax threads will create build up over time. You remove by poking sticks through bobbin tubes to push out wax, dirt, ect. The threader is used to pull thread through the tip.

The Threaders are a set of three threaders and fit most bobbins. Some unusual styles with self threading ends don’t work well with this design.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in

Hackle Gauge, Threader, Threader/Cleaner