Fishpond Fly Pucks


Fishpond Fly Pucks are really great fly cups. Each has a hinged cup lid and it stacks with other Fishpond pucks. FP Pucks are a larger , thicker style. Fits in pocket, vest or pack. 2 Colors: Cutthroat Orange and Baja Blue

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The Fishpond Fly Puck adds a whole new tool to your fly storage toolkit with a surprising set of useful features. Constructed with extremely durable TPU, these spacious containers are reusable, and designed to accommodate flies of all sizes, split shot, rigging accessories, or any number of on-river essentials. Inset channels on the top and bottom of the puck allow you to pair and stack multiple pucks together. So, the next time you go digging in your bag during a lightning round, you’ll have everything organized and available for easy access.


  • See-through lid for viewing contents
  • More storage space than a standard fly puck
  • Stackable lid system for attaching and organizing multiple pucks
  • Soft and highly durable molded TPU material
  • Exterior Diameter: 3.15″
  • Height: 1.25″

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1.5 in