Fish Skull Fish Mask


Fish Skull Fish Mask

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The Fish-Mask is a hard plastic molded head that is weightless, clear version of the Fish Skull head. Fish Masks have molded eye socket for use with 3D eyes. These provide a easy to use, simple, and effective alternative to creating heads with epoxies. A realistic baitfish profile and the ability to take on the color of body materials make it a versatile way to create a wide variety of weightless streamer patterns. Ideal for bucktail, marabou or hair type floating patterns. For those that struggle with painting eyes, sticker eyes and hate epoxy, this is a great choice.

Sizes: 3 for size 10-6, 4 for size 8-4, 5 for size 4-1, 6 for size 2-1/0, 7 for size 1-2/0.

Pack Size: Size 3 has 12 Pieces/pack, Size 4 & 5 has 10 pieces per pack, Size 7 & 8 have 8 pieces per pack.

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3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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