Cortland Trout Boss Weight Forward Chartreuse/White


Cortland’s Trout Boss is an ideal line for faster, modern rods. This line is slightly heavier than a traditional taper making it the perfect trout line. This line is a 2 color with Chartreuse and White making it easier to see.


Cortland’s Trout Series: Trout Boss is one of Cortland’s most versatile trout lines. This premium line loads fast action rods quickly and turns over large bugs, heavy jigs and 3 way trout rigs easily. Whether you find yourself indicator fishing, casting dry flies or throwing streamers, this line will perform flawlessly. Built a full line size heavy to match fast modern action rods. The newly designed, thinner core gives the line a smaller diameter to mass ratio, increasing shoot ability. Cortland’s HTx technology seals out dirt particles to prolong the life of your line.

The slightly heavier weight also makes this an ideal line for smallmouth, panfish and lake fishing enabling you to turnover bigger bugs. This is also a favorite line for hoppers, chubbies, stoneflies and large rubber legged bugs. You can use this effectively with multi fly rigs, heavy trout jigs or drop shot with indicators. Perfect Panfish taper for lake fishing and casting popping bugs.


  • Quick Loading, High Floating & Easy Casting
  • Designed for Freshwater & Coldwater
  • Floating Line, 100’ length, Weight Forward
Core: Braided Nylon Multifilament

Color: Chartreuse/White

Species: Trout / Grayling / Steelhead / Salmon / Smallmouth / Panfish

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in