Cortland Trout Boss Double Taper Floating Flyline


Cortland’s Double Taper Trout Boss is an ideal line for faster, modern rods. This line is slightly heavier line with a traditional Double Taper to improve roll casting. This line is ideal for large flies and multi fly rigs. 3 Color reversible design allows you to choose between a hi vis option or stealthy moss green.


Cortland developed this line for the anglers that prefer the feel, drift and cast-ability of a double tapered fly line. The Trout Boss Double Taper excels in multiple techniques including indicator fishing, casting dry flies or throwing small streamers. The Trout Boss DT is built a full line size heavy to match fast modern action rods, generating maximum loading power on roll casts.The Heat Tempered Surface (HTX) coating seals out dirt and particles that can hinge your shooting ability. The HTX coating keeps your line floating high day in and out. This line will perform at the highest level all winter and summer long. This line is finished in three colors, allowing you to choose between a Hi-Vis orange head or a more subtle moss green head presentation.

Many long time trout anglers fee that the double taper gives you a greater ability to cast dry flies easily. The Double Taper design allows you to roll cast easily and also turns over big bugs. The Double Taper line design also can be reversed when the tip becomes worn, giving you a longer life to your line.From big drakes to spring creek parachutes, this line coupled with a Double Taper design is a great set up for trout angling. Other freshwater fly anglers will enjoy using this for casting hoppers, big bugs or poppers for smallmouth or panfish.


  • Aggressive Front Taper, Easy Mending, High Floating
  • Freshwater and Coldwater Floating

TAPER: 80-90’ Double Taper with Braided Nylon Multifilament core
COLOR: Moss Green/ Yellow/ Orange

SPECIES: Trout / Grayling / Steelhead

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in