Cortland 444SL Type 6 Sink Tip Flyline (AKA Sculpin/Crawdad fly line for Big Browns or Smallmouth ).


Cortland 444 Sink Tip Type 6 Flyline, has a sink rate of 6-8 inches per second ( 6 ips ) . Ideal for fishing sculpins, crawdads, streamers for salmon, smallmouth, big browns and lake run fish. 10’ brown sink tip with Green 444SL head and running line.


Cortland’s 444 Sink Tip Type 6 features a 10 foot integrated sink tip rated at 6-8 inches per second . The sink tip drags flies down into the feeding zone, while the slick green colored floating running line is supple and easy to cast. Perfect for sink tip fishing with streamers, crawdads or large nymphs. Can be used in Freshwater, Stillwater or Saltwater. The tip can be cut back to 5-7′ for easier pickup and casting. Great for large browns and sculpin fishing. By watching the junction, you can use the Green colored line as an indicator. This line is similar to the Type Peach Sink but has a quicker drop rate. When fishing these, I often cast down across and above a target and sweep into the correct feeding zone. If fishing crawdads, try down and across, swim into a target then raise and lower the tip to create a hopping action. Same technique works for sculpins and large browns.


  • Type 3 Sink Tip
  • Aggressive Taper
  • Front Welded Loop
  • 90ft Freshwater, Sinking Tip / Floating Running Line, Weight Forward


Core: Braided Nylon Multifilament
Specieis:Trout / Salmon / Steelhead / Carp / Bass / Pike / Panfish

Color: Brown/Green

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in