Chota Rough Ridge Rubber Sole Wading Shoe


Chota Rough Ridge Rubber Sole Wading Shoe is a rubber sole wading shoe with stiff uppers to protect your ankles from twisting.


The Rough Ridge rubber sole shoe is the same model as the felt sole . The major difference is these have a rubber cleat sole that allows you to add metal cleats. Rubber is a bit better with mud and also snow. The Rough Rider is designed for the harshest conditions The upper is a lightweight Rubber coated PU coupled with a hard rubber toe and heel rand make the rough ridge an incredibly durable boot that can take a beating. The synthetic inner lining and 3mm insole provides for a comfortable fit and does not soak up water helping to keep the boots light. Our EVA mid-sole provides all day comfort and durability for those long days on the water. This model Rough Ridge boot features a high traction rubber soles that accepts all styles of the Chota cleats.

The rubber soles are required in some states & locations to reduce the transmission of didymo and other invasive things that threaten stream health. Some countries like New Zealand also require rubber soled shoes for wading. Yellowstone National Park is also on the list. Check local regs to see what is required.

We’ve been using Chota waders and wading shoes for several years now. Unlike many companies, Chota began as a shoe company that made waders and wading shoes. Their products are tough, last long and are well made. The shoes are comfortable and won’t twist your ankle. Order your standard size shoes, the shoes are oversized to account for the wading booties. For half sizes order up one full size for example, size 8.5 order a size 9. These are all men’s sizes.

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 8 in

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 8, 9


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