Badger Creek’s Jeweler’s Pin Vise Or Hand Drill


Badger Creek’s Jeweler’s Pin Vise Or Hand Drill is handle that allows you to change tips. You can insert needles, threaders and drills.

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This is a Pin Vise. It has 2 heads and 2 sets of jaws that flip over. The jaws hand tighten and this can be used to hold a variety of tools. This is one of the coolest bodkin type holders you can have. Use sewing machine needles to make flyline splices or Whitlock Zap a Gap Leader junctions. This can also hold wide sewing machine needles for thread splitting when creating Marc Petitjean Magic tool or dubbing loops. Can also use round needles or large darning needles to thread rubber legs through deer hair or foam bodies.

If you insert small drills, you can drill a small hole in popping bug bodies or cork. You can also create holes that allow you to center the bug properly. Ideal for those that cut up foam tiles or use cylinders for poppers.

Jewelers often use these for making holes in small items. Rod makers can use this to sand the feet on guides. Very hard item to locate. I searched many years to locate these.

May contain materials hazardous in California. Has small parts, keep away from children.

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in


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