54 Dean Street Silk Floss: Ovale Silk Floss Complete Boxed Set


54 Dean Street Ovale Silk Floss is ideal for wet flies, salmon flies and New England/Carrie Stevens streamers. Imported from Italy, this is French silk loaded on wooden spools. This is the complete set of all colors available.

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The Ovale Pure Silk Floss Boxed Set is the complete set of all colors available. Ideal for a master fly tyer, Ovale is the best possible choice for dressing classic and modern salmon flies, bodies of wet flies, streamers and also classic dry flies in Catskill style. It is a fundamental material for tying classic salmon flies and New England Streamers. Ovale Pure Silk Floss is available in a wide range of colors, selected and developed with the collaboration of experts and representative classic fly tiers, such as Alberto Calzolari, Junji Ichimura, Bruno Pimpanini.

Easy to use, it is without doubt the most versatile pure silk floss on the market today. The Ovale Pure Silk Floss thread has been produced in France for over 180 years by the historic Parisian signature Au Ver a Soie. The dyeing on tanks and more generally the very high quality artisan production process, guarantee a perfect uniformity of colors. It can be easily spliced during the wrapping and other tying process.

Note: For those making classic Bergman Flies, New England Streamers, this material is ideal for bodies. This is a thick material similar to 4 strand floss. We’ve sold this for several years and customers have been quite pleased. For those missing Pearsall’s silk floss this is similar in texture and colors.

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Weight 8 oz
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