54 Dean Street Ephemera Silk Thread Single Spools ( AKA Pearsall’s Silk Thread Subsitute )


54 Dean Street Silk Thread Single Spools ( AKA Pearsall’s Silk Thread Substitute ). These are the individual 16 colors of real silk thread. Ideal substitute for Pearsall’s Silk Thread. The silk thread is made in France and spooled in Italy on 100m wooden spools which can be used with a standard bobbin.


With the limited availability of Pearsall’s silk thread, The 54 Dean Street Ephemera Pure Silk Thread is an ideal substitute that is the perfect for choice for making bodies of wet flies, spiders and North Country flies. This is also an excellent choice also for tying classic salmon flies.

54 Dean Street’s Silk was developed and produced in France for over 180 years by the historic Parisian signature Au Ver a Soie. The dyeing is done in tanks using an extremely high quality artisan production process to guarantee a perfect uniformity of colors. The selected colors while similar  to the original Pearsall’s colors are not completely identical to Pearsall’s. 54 Dean Street offers a few unique colors that were not offered by Pearsall’s.

Easy to use, it is undoubtedly the most versatile pure silk thread on the market today. One of the real advantages is this is a natural material that darkens when wet. 54 Dean Street silk can also be used for wrapping guides on bamboo and fiberglass rods.This will also darken when finished with glues or epoxy.

These are spooled on wooden spools. We suggest using a ceramic bobbin such as the Rite Bobbin or our Ceramic Bullet Head Bobbin.Also try wetting the strands to avoid frays and splitting. This is a soft material, a soft and easy touch helps. If you want to yank, get some GSP. About a billion silk worms helped make this…. slow down.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 0.5 × 0.5 in

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