The Best Doesn’t Cost More!

We shop the world so you don’t have to! We hand select and use the items we sell. We are fly tiers and we know materials, hooks and hackle. We don’t stock dog beds, sell deer scent or life style accessories! We also aren’t some mindless machine that stocks only the “hottest” stuff based on some computer trends. Fly fishing and tying is our only business and you deal with real people that own the place. We stock the unusual, hard to find and the unique. We will also size hackle or match or sizes and colors for you. We sell the best so you don’t have to spend hours looking for what you need.

Let’s Get Competitive!

Badger Creek is your source for all things related to competition fly fishing. We stock slotted beads, materials and jig hooks from great Czech brands like Hanak, Hends and Hemmingway. We also carry the best selection of rods and rigging supplies to help you gain the edge you’re looking for.

Soft Hackle/ Spider Heaven:

At Badger Creek, we are one of the leading natural fly tying vendors in the Northeast. Looking for silk thread, 722 Wax or the Best Soft Hackle Materials? We have it!

Bake it Baby!

UV glues are popular and easy to use. If you making anything from Crease Flies to Czech bodies for jigs, We carry the best in UV Glues, UV Lights and Supplies.

Bliss this Mess:

Let’s face it, usually our benches look like a chicken exploded and we’re drowning in the sea of materials. We’ll help you organize your Bench, Hooks, Beads and Materials.

Trick Out Your Vise!

Badger Creek has the best stuff to accessorize your vise. Hackle gauges, vise extenders, gallows tools, foam fly holders and more!

What the Heck is Coq de Leon?

We stock one of the largest selections of Coq De Leon. From Authentic Spanish CDL, Tailing Packs, Pardo Saddles, Rooster and Hen Capes, We Have it All!

Let’s Go Crazy!

Looking for that special color of dubbing? Need that hard to find color of hackle? At Badger Creek we deal with the world’s leading fly tying suppliers. We are opening up our vendor catalogs so that you can custom order whatever you like from our leading suppliers: Hareline Dubbin, Wapsi Fly, Nature’s Spirit, Metz Hackle, Whiting Farms, Daiichi Hooks, Mustad Hooks and More!

Show Schedule

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Resource Links

This are contains lots of Great Free info. Browse this area to check out new patterns, new materials or watch videos. Included here you can also find regional and local fishing conditions. This area also contains fishing stories and info I’ve written over the years. Be sure to also check out our Esty site contains lots of speciality items and unique natural items. You can also contact us about specific product questions, warranty issues, returns or other concerns.



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