How to Use A Matarelli Whip Finisher
Tying Tips and How to Make Your Own Dubbing Tools
My Favorite Fly Tying Tools

The Griffin Vise Offset

Mike's Travel Tips for Tying Materials

How to Choose the Vise That is Best for You

How To Make a Fly Tying Vise for $6.00

Mike's Vest Tools: Fishician's Type Products at 1/2 Price

The Anvil Apex Vise

Badger Creek's Own Line of Machined Fly Tying Tools.

Featuring the World's Finest Hair Stackers

The Danica Vise Page

The Dyna-King Vise & Accessory Page

HMH Vises, Tube Fly Tools and Accessories

Griffin's Montana Mongoose


Mag Eye's Magnifiers

Introducing the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Clip Set

Marc Petitjean's Swiss Vise

Newly Updated! Many New Features!

The Regal Engineering Page

StreamWorks Tools: Innovative Vest and Fly Tying Tools

Many New Tools, Additions and Special Items

The Terra Fly Tools Page

The Wasatch Custom Angling Fly Tying Tools Page

Plus Many New Tools for 2007-8!


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