StreamWorks Tools:

At Badger Creek Fly Tying we've always believed in quality and value. We think you ought be able to buy great items at great prices. It is no different with vest tools.

We think tools need to be affordable, well made, last a long time and perform well. Streamworks Tools are designed by Fly Fisher for Fly Fishers. These tools will perfrom well, will last a long time and are well made.


Fly Tying Tools:

StreamWorks offers some unique fly tying tools. I've used and sold these for some time and they are well made and are unique items.

Bead It Tool: These are spring action tweasers that allow you to grab the smallest of beads. These allow for easy insertion onto any hook, large or small. The tapered jaws make it easy to place small beads on tiny hooks. These are made of tool steel with a anzodized to handle. $8.00


StreamWorks Hair Stackers: These are solid brass stackers that are anodized blue with a small name painted on them. These have a traditional sliding tube design. The bottoms are covered in foam to protect table tops. The sizes are Small ( for wings), Medium and Large. If you are making hair wing flies, bass flies or small compara flies, these are ideal. Well made for the money. Price: Small: $12.00, Medium: $14.00, Large $16.00. Matching Set of 3: $40.00

Forceps: StreamWorks forceps have some unique designs and features, like large handle loops and Power Jaws. These are well made of tool steel and most models come in a flat stainless steel or black.

Mico Scissor-Forceps: These are compact 3.5" stainless steel forceps with a micro-serrated scissor. The scissors are a hardened stainless steel edge that are ideal for cutting braids, wire and other gel-spun materials. Perfect for travel or those that are looking for tools that weigh less and take up less space. Ideal for lanyards, back packers are all of you minimalist Tenkara types. Will also very fine 8x tippet materials.

Colors: Gold Handle or Black

Price: $14.00







Forceps With Power Jaws: These 5" forceps that have a patented power jaw. This jaw aids in de-barbing and removing hooks or crimping split shot. There is a combination for a ribbed and smooth surface in the jaw. The Power Jaw is a combo tool that combines pliers and and forceps, eliminating the need to carry two tools.

Colors: Gold Handle or Black.

Price: $14.00





Large Loop Forceps: For folks that struggle with small loops in tools, these are ideal. These have a large loop ( which are ideal for winter fishing and gloves) , can be used by folks with large hands and even some those that have some of us that struggle with smaller, tight tools. These feature the patented Power Jaw that combines pliers and forceps into one tool. These are 6" long with a 3 position lock.

Colors: Flat Stainless Steel or Black

Price: $18.00



Mitten Scissor-Forceps: These are 6" stainless steel serrated scissor edge forceps. Thse have the power crimping jaws on them that allow for hook de-barbing, crimping split shot or cutting hooks and wire. Mitten Clamp design allows for opening with one hand. Micro serrations can be used to cut Dacron, Spiderwire & other braided lines or twisted /coated wire for toothy fish like Pike, Musky and many Saltwater fish.

Colors: Flat Stainless Steel or Black

Price: $19.00


Nippers: StreamWorks has some unique nippers. These are well made and offer you some excellent alternatives to traditional nippers

Mini Nipper: I've sold loads of these at the shows. These come in bulk and have a plastic cover with a small rubber finger pad. Has a black ring and stainless steel cutting edge. Can be used on a lanyard, zinger or put on a d ring on your favorite pack, vest, waders or jacket. Price: $3.00






Ultimate Nipper: This one does it all! The Ultimate Nipper has a Hardened stainless steel blades cut monofilament, braid and gel spun lines. The Nipper contains an Embedded hook file on the bottom side and provides convenient hook sharpening. There is also a threadereye cleaning tool that slides out and rotates when needed and retracts back into the nipper body when not in use. This nipper also has a line threader for threading even the tinset of flies. There is a magnetic insert on the top of the Ultimate Nipper holds hooks and flies during leader replacement. Truely, THE ULTIMATE NIPPER!

Price: $13.00





Acessories: StreamWorks has some really cool accessories. These are items that allow you to keep from loosing tools and also attach things to vests, bags, packs and also jackets.


Mini Tool Tether: These are one of my best sellers. These are a small plastic coil similar to a telephone cord. The diameter is quite small about 1/4". Black with 2 clips. Clip this to jackets, vests, shirts, packs and bags. The coil streches and extends about 12-18". For those that are tired of zingers that break and loose tools, these are ideal.

Price: $3.00










Mini Zinger: These are zinger with a clip on one end and the tool end on another. The mini zinger can hook to loops in shirts, d-rings on jackets and raincoats ( won't punch holes in an expensive rain jacket). String type zinger with no pins or clips to get lost. Black.

Price: $3.00









StreamWorks Hatlight: These are very well thought out. This is an LED light that clips to a hat brim. There is a ring so it can attach to a zinger, tool tether or jacket. Head is articulated and beads up and down . Head also has a 3 position light has white light, night red light and blinking red light for emergency. Light removes from clip and uses flat camera batteries that are replacable.

Price: $8.00








StreamWorks Bottle Holder: This is a solid fly paste holder. Holds squirt bottles of fly paste. To use, remove cap, insert bottle ( upside down) and screw cap back on. Clip bottle to jackets, coats, shirts, lanyards or bags and packs. Holds bottle tight and ready to use. Unbreakable and fits on any d ring.

Price: $7.00











StreamWorks Zinger Plus: This is a unique design. Attaches to any d ring and has a metal zinger that doubles as a tape measure. Corrosion resistant allows for attachment of other fishing tools. Handy to measure fish and also to measure tippet lengths. No more guessing of, " Well it was about 16 inches", which we all know really means you caught another stocked trout.

Price: $10.00





StreamWorks Waterproof Magnetic and Die Cut Box: This is a rubber cover box with a gasket. Inside is a flat magnet and die cut foam. Put small bead heads , nymphs, soft hackles and emergers on the magnet side and use the die cut side for dries, hoppers and stoneflies. Has a locking cover and is a medium size box that is about 5" by 4 1/4" by 7/8". Cover is green, inside is gray magnetic material , gray foam with a white background.

Price: $18.00











StreamWorks Magnetic Chest Fly Box/Patch: For all of you that have asked me for the Rivellt fly patch ( that is LONG gone), this is the ticket. This is a fold down magnetic box that can be like a fly patch. Has a magnetic sheet to hold flies. This has a locking latch that is ventalated and allow flies to dry. Clips to any d ring and can be used on lanyards, vests, shirts and also on rain jackets and will not punch holes in expensive fabrics. Really cool.

Price: $10.00









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