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( AKA The Danvise )

This wonderful fly tying vise offers you some incredible features at a great price! Compare this tool to others on the market and I think you'll agree what a great value this is.



Rear handle crank

Full 360 Degree True Rotatory Tying

Standard Midge Jaw-capable of tying down to size 24!

Quick Release Hook Cam

Choice of angled or straight arm tying

Adjustable Bobbin Cradle

(which can double as an extended body tool or parachute tool)

Interchangeable Jaws

All of these Features For an Amazing Price of $85!


Until now, all of the features of the Danica Vise were only available only on very high end vises priced at over $300. Part of the reason this vise is priced so low is that the body is made of Delrin plastic. By eliminating many of the machined body parts, Danica has reduced the price so that high quality tools are within anyone's budget.

By switching from angled/offset jaws to a straight jaw, you easily tie large saltwater flies, bass flies or Clouser minnows using a straight arm rather than an offset arm.

The Danica is a true rotatory vise and allows the tyer 360 rotation and adjustment of the jaw placement. This allows the tyer to use any style or size of hooks. All of my vises come with the cam style midge jaw as the standard jaw which will tie most of the commonly used hooks and will tie down to size 24 and lower!


Danica Innovation vise with standard cam midge jaw: $85


I had these bases specifically made for me to fit the Danica.

The base collar unscrews and you can take this with you for travel.


Pedestal base. $25, If ordered w/ vise: $20.00

Complete set: Base, Vise: $108


Please Note: I no longer offer the replacement jaws. If you are in need of new jaws please contact the retailer where you purchased the vise.

There are several distributors for this tool, and they should be able to direct you to the correct distributor. Unless you purchased the vise from me, I can't help you. I don't have any spare parts nor am I am able to repair this vise. In addition, I am not the manufacturer of this vise. Any warranty issues, claims or otherwise are issues with the distributor and maker .

Orvis and Cabella's customers you need to contact them. I don't work for either company.




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