Tying Mike's Ausable Wulff

by Mike Hogue

Above: Scanned Fly by Mike Hogue

I rather hate to pirate an old fly like the Wulff series but this is a really good fly for spring season Light Hendrickson Invaria mayflies. Last winter I tied some of these up thinking they might be good for the Light Hendrickson hatch.....well I was right . I caught some dandy fish on this one already.

Early this spring I put a post on the rec.outdoors.fishing.fly.tying newsgroup and I of course I got flamed because this isn't the "tradtional" fly. Tradition aside, I like this fly and since it isn't the " traditional" one I told everyone to call this the Iowa Ausable or Mike 's Ausable since I'm say 1,200 miles from the Ausable River and I no doubt lost something in the translation.

I don't think there is anything difficult or unusal about the fly except the color. The duns ( adult ) Hendricksons....the light ones are a very tan color. I selected all of the wings, hackle and such to be tan in color. The tail I selected ( moose) was choosen to make the fly float better. With the type of wing I used you can fish this as the emerger simply by getting the fly wet, let it sink and then pull the fly to the surface.



Tail: Moose body hair

Hook: size 14 dry

Thread: gray or white 6/0

Body: Red Fox

Wing: Bunny Foot ( sub kip tail if you like, ideally tan)

Hackle : Pale light ginger , light cree or sandy dun

Tying instructions are pretty simple.....just your basic dry with a slight change in the wing. Tie in the tail with the tail length equal to the hook shank. Dub the fox by putting the red tips on the thread first. In otherwords, the blunt/cut ends go down. This will make the rear redish, the center fatter and tannish gray. Tie in a clump of bunny foot hair. Remove the bottom fuzzies first by combing or pulling on the bottom ends with you fingers.. Tie in hackle.......be sure to select a type of ginger/cree/sandy dun that is tannish gray. The right color is like Gomer Pyle's USMC's dress pants....tan...not yellow................not orange. Wrap hackle and finish the wing. ( Hint: the page background is pretty close. )

You will note I didn't split the wing. I don't think this step is necessary so why waste the time? Splitting the wing will change the balance of the fly and if the hair isn't divided evenly, it will tip to one side. The big bunch of bunny hair is blonde and floats like a cork. In a 12 you can use this for a March Brown and maybe some tan caddis.

That's about it. Mike


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