Tying Mike's Waker Sunfish

by Mike Hogue

This summer I had the chance to fish with a very good friend. Anyway, my friend has developed some very interesting bass bugs and after considering some of my friend 's ideas this fly came about. While this fly is somewhat different than the original, the reasoning is very sound.

My friend mentioned that in his pond, there weren't a lot of tiny bluegills as the larger bass had pretty much eaten all of them. My friend's flies called the "waker series" had long wool tails and deer head bodies and looked very much like shad flies.

In most ponds, there aren't a lot of shad.........this stands to reason since the pond can't support shad and the families of bluegills. If there were a great many shad , there wouldn't be any bass either. Shad would also have to be introduced into the closed environment since all fish in ponds are stocked..........Anyway, my idea was to take a fly I liked and adapt it. This how the waker sunfish came to be.

I fished with this fly and caught bluegills ( big ones), bass, smallies and an awesome 12 lb cat. While casting up the banks one night before dark, I had a take. At first the fish didn't realize it had been hooked, when it did all hell broke loose. The fish rose up and crashed straight down for the bottom. At first I thought it was a really nice bass as it had a cream belly. The cat tried then tried to take me into the bank and a brush pile. I fought him for awhile and finally reversed him to get him back into the open water. After turning the boat around three times and having him go under the boat twice, I got him up to the surface. When I saw his face I realized it was a cat. And man was he big. This is no BS either....his face was at least 12" across ( and I do have a witness).

I asked my friend to grab him so I could take a picture and he said, " Hell No! I'm not grabbing that thing, he'll sting the shit out of me. Do want to grab it?" I said, "Well not reallly.......Here's what I'll do. I'll horse him over the side of the boat and then you grab him by the tail. Ready?" As soon as I lifted the fish out of the water he kicked the fly out of his mouth and went straight back into the water. He was at least 25 inches long and 12 lbs. Oh well..........(This is100% true!!)

Okay so here's how you tie the fly........

Tying the Waker Sunfish

This fly is basically a muddler with a colored tail, colored head and a flashy tail. If you can do a muddler , you tie this one.

Hook: Mustad3366 size 4

Thread: Black FlyMaster +

Tail: 15 Strands of Gold Holographic Flash-a-bou or gold crystal flash.Tied between 3 pair splayed out hackles: Chartruese, Orange & Olive Capon Neck

Head: Spun Deer, Green over Chartreuse

Eyes: 4mm Yellow Doll

Begin by tying in a clump of gold Holo flash-a-bou. Match the tips of three sets of hackles: Orange, Chartruese & Olive. Splay out one set to the far side, then splay out another set on the near side. Both sets should match evenly ( ie all 6 hackles should match.......splay out means the feathers curve out, away from each other..... )

Spin a collar of chartreuse deer hair on the bottom of the fly, then spin a collar of green deer hair on top. Repeat until the head is full. Trim the deer hair so that the head is flat on the sides and has an oval shape. Cemment in eyes. That's it!


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