By Mike Hogue

Randall Kaufmann's Timberline Emerger is a fly Kaufmann uses extensively for Mountain California Golden Trout. While we don't have too many mountain lakes in the Midwest ( actually none), this fly is highly effective emerger in our Midwest streams. It has become one of my favorites. This fly can be used to represent midges, mayflies and caddis. Basically, the fly looks like a wet fly Adam's and is tied almost exactly like the Adam's except that Kaufmann's fly uses soft hackle and the wings are tied down wing and short.


Hook: Mustad 94840 size 12-16 ( 14 is my favorite)

Thread: 6/0 gray or 6/0 olive

Tail: Moose Body or Brown Hackle fibers or Dun Z-lon

Body: Muskrat or Olive Beaver/Dry Fly Dubbing

Rib: Gold wire

Wings: Matched Hen Grizzly

Hackle: Brown Hen Neck or Dyed Grizzly Hen

Tying The Pattern:

Begin by tying in the tail. Length should be roughly equal to the hook shank.

You may wish to try z-lon or hackle fibers for the tail.

( Note: the Red thread color is to help you see how this is done...use color to match the body.)

Tie in the wire rib.

Dub the thread.

Wrap the dubbing forward. Leave two eye-lengths the head is not crowded.

Wrap wire rib forward.

Tie in a matched set of hen hackles. To match, select two feathers, strip off bottom fuzzies. Then align the two feathers so that the tips match . The wing should be short and roughly the abdomen's length. The dull sides of each wing feather should be on the inside.

Tie in a brown hen hackle with the the shinny side facing out.

Wrap the hackle...about two turns. The hackle should sweep back in a cone with the fibers extending backward.

Wrap thread back against the hackle about 2-3 turns. Form head and finish. You're done!



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