Smart's Yellow Tail

By Mike Hogue

One of my favorite flies is an old British wet. The colors of this fly have proven to be one of the more successful flies I've ever found for fishing bluegills. No doubt some traditionalist will cry, but this fly has proven it's success time and time again. The mix of colors used in this fly allows the fly to be seen from long distances and is most likely the reason for it's success.

Tying Smart's Yellow Tail:

The original fly uses a small bunch of golden pheasant crests for the tail. I found that by using yellow floss the tail is about the same. This makes tying the fly easier as you don't have to size the tail. Just tie in a bunch and clip it short. The other small trick with this fly is sizing the hackles. I begin by using a dry hackle palmered. The fibers are undersized on the body. The successive hackles in the front become progressively larger until the front hackle is added which is 2 sizes larger and turned back against the last hackles using thread.


Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10

Thread: White size 6/0 or 14/0

Tail: Yellow Floss or Golden Pheasant Crests

Body: Yellow Seal or Angora Goat

Palmered Hackle: Ginger

Fore Hackles: Chartreuse Chinese Neck, Followed by White Chinese Neck, 2 Twists of Partridge

Begin by tying in the tail. The traditional pattern calls for golden pheasant crests. If you use these select two feathers which are small, match the tips and tie in so that they curve up. A correctly proportioned tail should have the tail be about 30% of the body length. If you use floss, double over a single strand, tie in and clip to size. next tie in a size 12 ginger dry fly hackle. Dub Body, wrap hackle. Tie in chartreuse hackle and make 2 turns. Tie in white hackle and make two turns. Tie in partridge and make 3 turns. Each successive hackle should be slightly bigger than the last. The front partridge hackle is about a size 8. Form a head and tie off.



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