Tying the Scrubber Bug

by Mike Hogue

A new bass fly has been introduced recently which utilizes the new scrubber bug bodies. The unique shape of the scrubber body allows for this interesting new design. This fly is not really very difficult to make and could made by most any tier.

Scrubber Bug:

Hook: Mustad 3366, size 2

Thread: Fly Master Plus, Black ,White or Red

Tail: Strung Grizzly Hackle

Collar: Strung Guinea Hen

Body: Ice Chenille, Med, Back: Scrubber Body

Legs: Barred Sili Legs Eyes: 6mm stem eyes


Begin tying the scrubber bug by creating a few holes for the eyes.

( Note:The actual instructions require getting thin diameter K & S brass tube from the hardware store to punch the hole. You may use a bodkin and roll the bodkin back and forth to create a big hole.......Mike).

Push the eyes through the holes and glue in place with a bit of zap-a-gap. It does help to back the eyes out, apply some glue and push back in. Allow to dry. Clip the extra stem off.



Create a small hole and force the body over the eye of the hook and pull up. Tie in thread and move to the back of the hook, stopping above the point of the hook. Tie in ice chenille, make one wrap to form a small ball. This will act to force the legs to splay out.


Attach the legs, splaying the legs out. ( Splay out means put the dull side of the feather on the outside.) Tie the legs in front of the chenille ball, and wind back against the ball, the legs will splay out.


Tie in the guinea hen and wrap in front of the legs. Tie in ice chenille and wrap forward and back to make a thick body.Tie off thread.




Clip a small channel in the ice chenille across the top of the hook shank for the legs. Lay 3 strands of legs across the hook shank. Apply a bead of zap-a-gap down the hook shank. Add a tiny drop of glue to where the legs are. If you use too much glue , you will ruin or melt the legs. Press the scrubber body down on the ice chenille, Hold for a few seconds until zap-a-gap seals....... You're done!

Special thanks to Cascade/Crest Tools for the nice pattern pages.




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