How to Tie Sparkle Grubs

By Mike Hogue

Some time ago a new customer asked me how to tie a fly called a sparkle grub. Uncertain what he was referring to, I asked him what the fly was suposed to imitiate. He said," Well it is sort of an imitation of one of those Mr. Twister tails ".

As rule, I pretty much hate rubber worms. After all, I tie and fish flies, not rubber worms. If I wanted to fish a Mr. Twister, I 'd do just that. I considered my customer's request for awhile and tried several designs before this one stuck. The sparkle grub is one of those designs I suspect you'll either love or hate since it is so similar to a "Mr. Twister". While, this isn't the prettiest thing I've made , it does have a very interesting action and I have caught some nice fish on it. If you are looking for a nice fly, that is pretty easy to make, this is it. It is an effective bait fish fly and could be used in saltwater for a small crab pattern.

Tying the Sparkle Grub

Hook: Kamasan B820, size 6

Thread: Hot Pink or Red Flymaster Plus

Bead: Large Silver

Tail: Barred White Sili Legs

Body: Medium Clear Ice Chenille

Begin by slipping the bead over the bend of the hook. Run the bad up to the eye. Start thread and run back along the hooks shank. Double over 2 legs and cut in half. Tie the legs in the middle of this section and fold over . Run thread back and forth afew times to tie in. This saves clipping and tying in smaller sets of legs. You will also find this technique to be faster and easier.

Tie in ice chenille. Run thread forward and wrap ice chenille up to the bead. Leave small space and tie a collar. That's about it.... You can change the colors and make all sorts of wild combinations. Orange, chartreuse and black are good colors.



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