Tying the Pearly Bead Flies

By Mike Hogue

A fairly new material is Pearly. Pearly is a product distibuted by Gordon Griffith's Fishing Tackle.The strands are quite similar to Crystal Flash but are instead twisted around a thread core making the fibers somewhat more dense. The fibers also have more body and make for some interesting applications. I use the fibers below a deer hair wing to give the wing a bit more sparkle.

One reason I developed this fly is because it is a really easy fly to make. This is a good one to do if you are looking for a fly to demonstrate or if you are just starting out. You can use several hooks for this one such as the B420 sedge hook or the B100 scud hook.If you'd like a heavy wire version use the B110 scud hook. You can also tie this fly on a straight shanked wet fly hook like the B175 if you bend the barb out a bit before you slide the bead on.

The Pearly Pheasant Tail:

Hooks: Kamasan B420, B100 or B110 sizes 10-16

Thread: 6/0 Black

Bead: 1/8" Gold

Tail: 4 strands of bronze Pearly

Body: 4 strands of Bronze Pearly twisted and wrapped

Collar: Pheastant Tail colored Angel Hair spun in a loop

Tie in 4 strands of pearly along the top of the hook shank. Clip short. Tie in 4 more strands of Pearly and twist into a small rope. Wrap forward. Wax one strand of thread. Form a dubbing loop and add chopped pieces of Angel Hair and spin in a loop. Wrap forward and tie off.

The olive version uses the small materials just different colors. Simply repeat the process with different colors. You may wish to try an all pearl, red, pink or orange. You may use various other materials such as rabbit or squirrel for the collar.You can add a few twists of partridge too if you prefer.

Both flies are very effective. I have caught several fish with these and demonstrated these at the FFF Conclave in Idaho.



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