Tying The Pass Lake Special

by Mike Hogue

The Pass Lake special is a wonderful regional pattern that originated in the Upper Midwest. The Pass Lake is similar to several other flies such as the Lead Wing Coachman and the Peacock Caddis. The Pass Lake can be tied as a wet fly, streamer, dry or with a bead or soft hackle. This fly largely imitates the caddis flies and with its white wing it is a very easy fly to fish.


Hook: Mustad 94840 size 12-16
Thread: 6/0 black
Tail: Mallard fibers
Body: Peacock hurl
Wing: White kip tail
Hackle : Brown cock

Tying The Fly

1) Begin by tying in the tail. As with all tails the length of the tail should equal the hook shank. Use a sparse bunch of fibers..maybe 10-20 fibers. To get the mallard fibers all in a straight line, stroke the mallard feather down so that the fibers extend out at right angles. Then rip the fibers off in one tug. All of the fibers should be aligned.

2) Wrap in one or two peacock herls. If you would like more durability, add a very, very sparse stripe of super glue along the hook shank. If you use too much glue you will matt the fibers of the hurl and create a bunch of junk.Wrap thread and herl forward.

3) Tie in the wing so that the wing extends to the end of the hook ( this is about the mid-point of the tail). Cut the front of the fibers off at a 45 degree angle. This step will make your head less bulky.

4) Tie in hackle. Wrap hackle and finish head. If you find that you are crowding the head, leave 2-3 hook eye lengths open when you wrap the thread back. This will serve as a marker on where to add in the wing and the hackle. Glue the head.


Tie the fly on a wet hook for a wet fly and use hen necks for the hackle. Tie as a streamer on size 8-10 or add beads to fish deep. I have had good success using this fly and it is a fairly easy straight forward tie.


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