Tying a Few Patterns From Down Under

by Mike Hogue

A few months ago, I made a new friend via the internet. My new friend Jim Learmonth works with Massey University in New Zealand. Jim and I have traded e-mails and we also traded books. Jim sent me a wonderful book called the Trout Flies of New Zealand by Keith Draper. I was delighted with the book and all of the patterns in it. Jim also sent me several traditional patterns he fishes in New Zealand. Quite by accident these are a few of the earliest flies I learned some years ago while studying a Taft Price book of International Flies. I selected a few of Jim's Flies so that you could get an idea of the style used in New Zealand. Some of these are very good flies.

A special thanks to my friend Jim Learmonth for his special flies.

Red Setter

Hook: Mustad 9672 size 8

Thread: Black

Tail: Fox squirrel

Body: Fire Orange Chenille, Medium

Hackle: Cree

The Red Sutter is a roe egg type pattern and is used as a fall pattern for spawning browns. Draper's book reports that this fly was created by Geoff Sanderson of Turangi and is often used on lake run trout. Fairly simple tie..... tail, 2 turns of chenille, hackle, 2 more turns, another hackle, done.

Mrs. Simpson

Hook: Mustad 9672 size 8

Thread: Black

Tail: Bear or Moose or Black Squirrel

Body: Yellow Wool

Cheeks: 2 sets of Pheasant Rump

The origins and the maker of this fly are a bit muddled. Several have claimed to have created this fly. The fly shown here is the Kilwell version sold by John Wells Snr of Rotorua. It would seem that a guide bagged many large trout one day caught on a " dry". A guest of the lodge where the guide was working noticed the fly attached to a cap, removed it and gave it to Wells. Wells had the fly copied and sold several thousand of the fly. I guess you can't go to the rest room anymore without taking your vest & flies..........Talk about competitive!

Not a hard fly to tie. Tie in the tail, wrap the body, attach a larger set of cheeks and tie in a smaller set. Whip finish.

Parson's Glory

Hook: Mustad 9672 size 8

Thread: Black

Tail: Hackle fibers, Rib: Gold Oval Tinsel

Body: Yellow Chenille, Medium

Wing & Hackle: Cree cock

The Parson's Glory was originated by Phil Parsons who farmed along the Meeanee River near Napier. The yellow color and wing is designed to imitate young parr trout and is considered to be one of the top New Zealand flies. Very likely another reason for the success is the large number of "bullies" which closely resemble our native USA minnows,the sculpins. I suspect this is a very good brown trout fly.

The fly is made with the Matuka style of winging originated in New Zealand. The rest of the fly is pretty straight forward. I am going to make these for my next trip to the White River.


Killer Bug

Hook: Mustad 9672 size 8

Thread: Black

Tail: Blue Poly Yarn over Red Poly, teased out

UnderBody: White poly , Back : Blue Poly

Throat: Sparse strands of Flashabou, tied long

This rather unusal fly is a minnow fry. It is pretty easy to make. Form the tail, tie it the shellback, pull it back and wind the body down. Pull the shellback over the top and tie down. I suspect we would have a better time fishing these with yellow under bodies and olive over bodies. Light and dark green backs might be good combinations too. This one is worth the try.

I hope you enjoyed your trip down under. Mike


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