Tying the Murky Water Bead Head & The Chernobyl Squirrel Tail Nymph

By Mike Hogue

The Murky Water Bead Head

This summer a dear friend sent me a fly he said was very effective for catching bluegills in murky water. Given my friend's experiences, I certainly trust his judgment. The original pattern is somewhat different and is very close to the pattern above. Since this isn't really my pattern, I altered it somewhat so that I can show you this pattern. My guess is that fish view this fly as a mini leech, midge larva or damsel nymphs which are all quite common in lakes and ponds. For fun you might make this fly in all olive with gold beads with gold tinsel and gold wire as accents. All brown w/bronze tinsel might be good also.

For those that don't know how to put beads on hooks, please refer to my page: "The Gold Stripe Bead Head". This page also contains instructions in how to tie the stripes along the sides.

Tying the Murky Water Bead Head

Hook: Kamasan B401 size 14

Thread: 6/0 Black, Bead: 1/8" Silver

Tail: Black Marabou Short

Rib: Silver Wire, Body: Black Rabbit with one strip of fine silver holographic tinsel tied on each side

Fore Hackle: Black Hen

Begin mounting a silver bead on the hook. Tie the tail in. Set the length of the tail equal to the hook shank and use one full marabou short feather. If you are using regular strung marabou, cut the tip out of the feather and then split the feather in half....otherwise the tail will be too full for the size of the hook. Tie in rib. Cut 2 lengths of silver holographic tinsel about a 1/2" long. Tie one strip on each side parallel to the hook shank. Dub Body. Pull far side of tinsel parallel to the side and make 2 wraps. Pull near side tinsel forward and make 2 wraps. Pull on tag ends of tinsel to tighten down. Rib forward. Clip off tag ends of wire and tinsel. Tie in hackle and wrap to make a collar. Whip finish head.

Tying The Chernobyl Squirrel Tail Nymph

Dave Whitlock's Squirrel Tail Nymph is one of the most famous nymphs ever made. Some time ago a friend Bob Blumiech of Janesville, WI showed me his Chernobyl Stonefly and I was impressed by the color and action of the fly. I didn't really combine these ideas until I received some of the new barred grizzly rubber legs. By accident the Chernobyl was born and I borrowed Bob's name since this fly is kind of a spastic piece of work. I found the CSTN to be a great fly and effective producer for me.


Hook: Kamasan B175 Size 10

Thread: Black 6/0

Bead: 1/8" Gold

Tail: Red Fox Squirrel Tail

Body: 80 % Insect Green Hareline Dub Mixed with 20% Pearl Flash-a-bou Dub

Rib: Copper Wire

Legs: Grizzly Chartreuse tied Madam X Style

Front Hackle: Ruffled Grouse Body

Collar: Natural Fox Squirrel Dubbing

This is a little tricky to make since there is so much stuff on the hook. The key here is not to over do this fly. Begin by sliding a bead on the hook. Tie in the tail. Set length of the tail equal to the hook shank. Tie in rib. Dub 2/3 of the body with mix listed above. Make one or two turns of squirrel dub to form collar. Tie one leg to each side. Legs should flare evenly in an "X" pattern away from the sides. Dub between the split legs or down the crotch of the "X". Tie in grouse hackle and make 2 wraps. Tie off and whip finish. If the head is to crowded, make jiggle wraps to put the thread down between the grouse hackle. ( A jiggle wrap is where you move the thread side to side to snug the thread between fibers.) If you like leave the grouse off or the legs off.


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