The Mud Dauber

by Mike Hogue

A very popular fly in Louisiana is the Mud Dauber. The fly can be tied several ways with several different types of materials. This fly is also very similar to the deer hair Flathead Diver tied by the Texan Jack Ellis. You can tie this fly in whatever color suits you with any combination of legs, head, deer hair or flash.

Hook: Mustad 3366 size 8

Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Pearl Crystal Flash over Natural Deer Hair

Head: Fun Foam or Kreinik Disks size 3/8"

Legs: Med Round or Grizzly Rubber

Tie in a small bunch of deer hair. Leave the front half of the hook open. On top of the deer hair tie in 10-20 strands of pearl Crystal Flash. Cut a strip of fun foam about 3/8 " wide and 1" long. Tie foam on top of the hook shank so that the foam points over the eye of the hook. Wrap thread up to eye of the hook. Wrap thread back Pull foam backwards and make 2 wraps. . Clip off foam tags.Tie legs in Madam "X" style. Each leg should flare off to the side forming an "X". . Make 2-3 whip finish wraps between legs. That's it. Match heads and legs in Orange, Yellow, Black, Red, Pink.....whatever. You dress legs up by adding a couple of strands of Crystal Flash to each side.




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