Tying Doug Swisher's Parachute Madam X

By Mike Hogue

Above: My Version of the Patachute Madam X

One of my favorite dries is the parachute Madam X. The original fly is one the latest creations from Doug Swisher. Doug's fly is one of his favorite's and is fished as an imitation for everything from hoppers to stoneflies and some terrestials......I suspect Doug would have a heart attack if he knew what I use it for....... bluegills. Quite simply this is the most deadly dry fly I have ever used on bluegills. My fly is not exactlly the same as Doug's, as I made several changes to make this more effective. The most notable change is the leg material. Doug's fly has square white rubber legs , mine utilizes the newer barred chartreuse legs. I also used the heavy wire 3366 as a dry hook.

This fly is not what I consider to be an easy tie. In fact if it wasn't so good, I doubt if I 'd make them. It is basically, a pain. If you are not of the vaint of heart, then give this one a try.

Mike's Chartreuse Parachute Madam X

Thread: Flymaster Plus, Flo Green

Hook: Mustad 3366, size 10

Parachute Post: Cream Antron

Tail and Wing: Natural Deer

Hackle: Cree

Legs: Flo Green Barred Sili Legs

This is a pretty tricky fly to tie. The hardest part is tying all this on a stout hook. Begin by running the thread down the hook shank. Stop at a point beyond the point, nearly in to the bend. Tie a wing/tail in fairly thick ( geee clear as mud......experiment to get the amount right.) along the top of the hook shank. The tail should equal the length of the hook shank.

Wrap the thread forward and cover the butts, leaving the front half of the hook bare. If you covered the hook with thread, this is okay. Just don't run the butts down to the eye. Tie in a wing of similar thickness to the tail. The wing should extend so that it is exactly equal to the tail. Cover the butts. It helps to cut the butts flush to the shank at a 45 degree angle before you cover them.

Tie in a parachute post. I generally double the antron yarn and try to keep the post in the middle of the hook. This helps to balance the fly. Wrap all around the wings and cover all deer hair butts, creating an even body.Tie in a hackle and wrap parachute style. Clip off hackle. I tie one rubber leg to each side of the hook. Often I fold, pull or bend the parachute and the post to position the legs. I am careful not to tug the hackle off the parachute post. This step is much easier on a turning or rotating style of vise.

I wrap up to the eye and form a head. You may wish to try Flo. Ornage, Flo Pink , White or Yellow too. Don't be afraid to tie this on a longer style 9672 hook or a Kamasan B200, the longer length will give you more room. A heavy wire hook will float just fine if you have plenty of deer hair on it. I like a stouter fly that the 'gills can suck in.........You may dub the body if you wish. I like to use colored thread to save steps.

Fishing Notes:

I usually sigth fish to cruising fish with this fly. It work well to fish like a popper too. Toss one into a likely spot, let it sit and give it a few tugs or twitches. You can cast it like a standard dry or slam it like a hopper. It is wonderfully effective. The leg design and the wing shape make it ideal for brush, weeds and areas that would fowl a traditional design.


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