Mike's Holographic Stone

By Mike Hogue

When I first started tying some flies for landlocked salmon, I tied some very bright nymphs. I experimented with several colors and design and this fly emerged from the all of the experiments.

This fly can be used browns, lake run rainbows and Atlantic Salmon or smallmouth. It is an effective pattern for fall or spring lake run fish in the Great Lakes and Finger Lakes of upstate New York. Many of our area streams hold stoneflies and hellgrammites so this is a bright patterns which attracts attention. The purple/green Foxfire mix is used for dark stones and the gold holographic is used for yellow stones. It can be fished with split shot or a sink tip if you wish. Bounce on the bottom between rocks. If you are not breaking a few off, you are not fishing deep enough.

Tying the Fly

Hook: Mustad C53S or Targus 200, Size 6-12

Weight: 6-8 Wraps Med lead Wire

Thread: 6/0 Black

Tails & Legs: Medium Round Rubber, Black or Barred Sili Legs

Rib: Medium Gold Wire

Back and Thorax Strip: Oak Turkey Quill Treated with Clear Krylon Spray Paint

Body: Gold Holographic or Fox Fire Lite Brite

Begin by spraying an oak turkey quill with Clear Spray Paint. This stiffens the feather and helps keep it from fraying. I spray an entire feather with Clear Kryon Spray Paint. Do this outside and let it dry.You can buy the paint at Wal-Mart . ( I have no idea which section stocks this item in your store. For more info about Krylon and Wal-Mart please contact them respectively. )

Begin the fly by wrapping lead in the front 30% of the fly. Cover lead with thread. Tie the tail in, by forming a small v with the leg material. Cut a strip of turkey, tie the turkey in. Tie gold wire in. Dub body and leaving 1/2 of the fly unfinished. Pull strip over the back. Wrap wire over strip. Tie off wire and clip tag. Lift strip up, Make heavy wraps of dubbing 1/2 the way up the thorax. Tie in a pair of legs each side. Wrap dubbing between legs and up to eye. Pull strip over thorax and tie off.

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