By Mike Hogue

Where I came up with this fly I don't really know. I guess I was just messing around and decided to dress up this fly a bit and along came the gold stripe. This fly isn't all that hard to do and the really special part is just a little trick. First I'll tell you how to tie a bead head and how to attach a a bead to a hook for those of you that may not know. Then I'll tell you how to do the fly.

How to Put Beads on Flies

To begin ( I'm sorry there aren't any photos here ) the easiest hooks to mount beads on are scud hooks. Generally, beads will slide right over the bend of the hook. That's okay if you want is a scud shaped hook. To mount beads on wet fly or nymph hooks you need a pair of pliers. To get the bead over the hook take the pliers and bend the hook's point out by 20%. Slide the bead on with the narrow part of the hole toward the eye. Then take the pliers and bend the hook back to it's original shape by squeezing the on the put the hook in the pliers and smash it back....don't go overboard or you're close the hook's gap shut.

The Pattern for Mike's Gold Stripe

Hook: Mustad 3906B size 12 (Kamasan 175)

Bead: Gold 1/8"

Thread: Black 6/0

Side Stripes: Fine Gold Holo Tinsel ( or fine gold tinsel / Gold flash-a-bou )

Rib: Copper Wire

Body: Tannish Brown Rabbit or Fox Squrriel Fur

Head: Natural Fox Squirrel Dubbing

Hackle: Partridge ( Optional )

Tying the Gold Stripe

Begin by mounting the bead as above. Tie in copper wire. On the far side tie in one strip of tinsel about an inch long parallel to the hook shank.

On the near side ( facing you) tie in a another one inch piece of tinsel. Dub up to bead leaving about 2 eye lengths open. On the far side pull tinsel forward and make 2 wraps ( be sure the tinsel is snug and parallel to the shank ).

On the near side pull tinsel forward ( again parallel to the hook shank) and make two wraps. You can pull on the tag ends of the tinsel to tighten them up. Clip off tags. Run wire forward. Make two wraps and clip tag off. Dub squirrel. Tie in partridge and wrap. Finish head.

If you find that you are running out of room with your thread, wiggle the thread in a slight back and forth motion as you wrap. This will work the thread down into the dubbing. You don't have to add the hackle if you don't want to...........

This fly will imitate March Brown and Hendrickson nymphs. Fish it in the mornings from 8-10:30 or so by dead drifting down and across the stream. Drift the fly through riffles, around rocks and through deep pools. I caught several large fish using this technique. Might try adding the stripes on your squirrel tail nymphs and hare's ears. The Holo tinsel really lights up the fly.




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