Mike's Disk Fly

By Mike Hogue

A new material this year is the Kreinik disk. These are pre-cut pieces of foam that are punched into circles. The disks make really neat bugs, spiders, hopper heads and now bass bugs. This fly is very unique and unlike anything else.

Using the disks is pretty easy. Just pinch them, hold it over the hook and wrap with thread. Cover the foam near the eye with thread wraps . For those that struggle working with deer hair, this is a very simple and easy to make bug. This fly will make a very nice diving bug without a great deal of effort.

Hook: Kamasan B940, size 1, Thread: Red Danville Plus

Body: Mixed Rainbow Tinsel / Insect Green Chenille

Wing: Sumer Perch Refrax , tied over Yellow Marabou, Tied Between 2 Orange Grizzly Hackles.

Head: 1/2" disk w/ 3D Med Holographic eye


Tying the Disk Fly :

1) Begin by leaving 3-4 hook eye lengths open. Run thread down to a point above the barb. Tie in chenille and wrap forward. Tie in marabou using one whole feather.

2) Tie 10-15 strands of Refrax. Add hackle to each side. Apply a drop of glue to bind all of the wing materials down.

3) Pinch a foam disk and tie in so that the thread catches the front 20% of the disk. Wrap thread to hook eye and make head, covering sections of foam between the hook eye and the tie in point of the foam.

4) Attach eyes with Zap-a-Gap and coat head with glue.

Color Choices: Depending on where you live, different colors may be better. A brown disk with a gold body, red eyes, brown and yellow hackle might be good. All black with silver tinsel may be good or chartreuse and gold might look neat. Blue with Red Refrax and a blue disk might be slick too. You can also add a weed guard if you like. More important, is the style and technique here. The colors and tinsels and disk color are more or less your choice. Mike


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