Tying The Gold Demon Dry Fly

By Mike Hogue


Some time ago I was reading a pattern book and came across a nymph pattern called the Big Hole Demon . I thought it looked interesting and that it might fish a whole alot better as a dry fly so after some experimentation, The Gold Demon was born. I can't say that this is an original pattern because it isn't. I have no idea how old the Big Hole Demon is or what it was supposed to represent. I do know this...the fly is a killer.

It can be used for fishing midge clusters. may fly duns and as an emerger pattern. I've gotten my fair share of rotten comments about the size, by I will tell you this the fly really works. My best luck with this fly has been early or late in the year. I'm guessing that early and late season midges are what trigger the fish to strike this fly. I haven't tried this fly in small sizes or really big sizes. I suspect that for winter fishing this might be okay in an 18 and would do pretty good in the spring in a 12.

The pattern was been fished all over the Midwest with an equal number of rainbows and browns taking the fly. It was been fished on the Norfork, White River, Missouri Spring Creeks, the Root River and many small Iowa Streams. So for what it's worth, it's been field tested under a variety of conditions, places and types of fish ( natives, stockers and hold-over trout) .

Tying the Pattern

Tying the Gold Demon isn't very hard. For a beginning tier this is a pretty easy fly. The fly is your basic add a tail, make the body, tie a thorax and hackle. The hardest part of making this fly is finding the right color of hackle. I use golden badger hackle for this fly...if you are in a pinch try substituting grizzly, or a very pale ginger. A light cree might be a good bet too. You might experiment with this using silver tinsel and cream hackle or dark dun and bronze flash-a-bou for a body. So Here's the fly:

The Gold Demon:

Hook: Mustad 94840 size 14-16

Thread: White 6/0 or 8/0

Tail:10 to 15 Gold Badger fibers

Body: Fine gold flat tinsel or small gold Holographic tinsel

( if you are in a pinch use some gold flash-a-bou)

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Hackle: Gold Badger

To tie the fly wrap in the tail. The tail should equal the hook shank. Move the thread forward leaving the front 1/3 of the hook shank open. Tie in the tinsel. Wrap the tinsel back and then forward. Tie off. Tie in peacock hurl and hackle. Move thread forward. Wrap herl and hackle. Tie off and finish the head.


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