Cypert's Minnow and
My Uncle Paul's Bead Squirrel Tail
By Mike Hogue


A few years ago I happened to visit with Guide Charlie Cypert of Texas. I was really interested in the wonderful pencil poppers that Charlie made. After some talking we traded patterns, ideas and this how I came across Charlie's fly. He uses it for stripped bass, largemouth and smallies. Charlie fishes this fly with a nine weight rod and a Teeny T-400 25 foot sinking tip line in Lake Whitney, Texas. Charlie also has used this fly for stripers on spring spawning runs in the Lake Whitney tailwater and in saltwater for redfish and sea trout.

I found this fly to be a very effective fly and have had great success fishing for crappies, smallmouth and largemouth with it. My favorite colors are white, hot pink and chartreuse. While Charlie uses this fly up to a size 2 , my favorite is a size 8. While the fly has a very simple looking appearance to it, this fly fishes the socks off of almost any other streamer I've ever used.

Cypert's Mylar Minnow:
Hook: Mustad 9672 size 2- 8
Thread: 6/0 red
Tail: teased out mylar tube, size small
Rib: none
Body: looped ultra med chenille tied at back
Eyes: small silver pull chain
Overbody: small mylar tube pulled over eyes and tied in back

To tie: figure 8 wrap eyes and super glue. Tie in thread above bend. Loop vernille over eye in a loop and tie at back, repeat both sides. Loop mylar over hook eye, pull mylar over chain eyes by forcing the braid through the hook eye and tie at back. ( in otherwords the braid is pulled onto the hook and folded in half..1/2 on the top, 1/2 on the bottom............). Tease out remaning pieces of mylar for a tail. The tail, top and bottom of the fly are all of one piece of mylar tube. For eyes cut a piece of a pull chain with pliers off a basement light...better yet shorten the neighbors's that you're mad at so he'll have to use a ladder to turn on the lights. ( Eyes are cut such that two beads are attached to each other...use a side cutters or needle nose pliers.)

For a kit of all the materials to make this fly, please refer to the order info page.

My Uncle Paul's Bead Fly

A fairly "new" material in recent years had been the solid bead. For as long as I can remember my Dad has fished my Uncle Paul's bead-head squirrel tail fly and has always caught loads of fish on this fly. How my Uncle Paul developed this I have no idea. I suppose the fly arose out of a desire to tie flies in the late depression/World War II era when he didn't have a tying vice, hackle and used a pair of pliers to hold the hooks and used my Grandma's sewing thread to wrap the fly. After a little work my Dad & I "unlocked" the secret to Uncle Paul's fly. Since my Uncle is getting on years I don't think he would mind if I shared his fly with you.

Uncle Paul's Squirrel Tail

Hook: Mustad 3366 size 4,6,10
Thread: 3/0 red
Bead: Med brass cyclops'eye or spinner bait beads-
(note: spinner bait beads are hollow and won't sink the fly as quickly...try both.)
Tail and body: red fox squirrel tail (length=1 1/2 x the shank)

The trick in making this fly is to use a wide gap hook ( sproat bend) so that the bead can slide up the shank. Begin by smashing down the barb. Bend the gap of the hook out by pulling on the point with a pair of pliers or put the hook in the vice and pull up on the shank. When you're finished you'll have to bend the hook back, so don't go nuts. Slide the bead on the hook. Wrap thread behind the bead to prevent it from slipping off. Wrap squirrel tail around shank and tie a small collar. Apply a drop of super glue to thread wraps to seal the fibers. For bluegill and crappie flies use a size 10 hook and a small bead.



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