By Mike Hogue

Eztaz is a material which is very popular with steelheaders and salmon tyers in upstate New York. Many tyers believe that the materials possess somewhat of a magical property in it's ability to catch fish. Eztaz is primarily a sythetic wide plastic chenille which is twisted. The material itself is usually pearl which is then dyed various colors. The most popular colors are hot orange, pink, chartreuse, pearl, blue, purple and black. Blue and purple have become very popular due to the fact that at various times eggs will turn these colors.

One of the most popular rivers where Eztaz flies are fished is on the Salmon River. The Salmon River is upstate New York's famed river for catching salmon, steelhead and other lake run fish. One of the area's long time guides for the river was Fran Verdoliva. Over the years Fran has held many New York fly fishing records for the size of fish caught. Fran used many Eztaz in many of his patterns to catch some of his trophy fish. While Fran is no longer guiding many of his patterns are still floating around today. ( Fran is now an employee of the DEC at the Salmon River Hatchery). This may explain in part how these patterns became so successful. Many of the patterns designed can also be used for other types of fishing whether you are fishing for trout, salmon, steelhead or smallmouth.


Right: Standard Eztaz Chenille

The Eztaz Spring Wiggler


Hook: Kamasan B200, size 6-8 or Eagle Claw L1197, size 4-8

Thread: Danville Red 6/0

Tail and Back: Chartreuse Squirrel Tail

Body: Chartreuse Eztaz

Hackle: Chartreuse Grizzly saddle hackle


This is not a hard fly to tie. The basic design comes from Northern Wisconsin and Michigan where it is used for steelheading and salmon fishing. The design itself is supposed to imitate a stonefly or perhaps an egg pattern of some sort. In a pinch it could also be fished as a crawdad.

Begin by tying the tail with the length equal to the hook shank. I basically make the entire length of the tail double the hook shank. I make the tail extra thick and then split it and use a section of the tail for the back. Tie in the Eztaz and the hackle. Wrap the Eztaz forward and tie off. Wrap the hackle forward and tie off. Fold half of the tail over the back and tie at the front. I then coat the back with finger nail polish and give the head a few coats to seal it also. The fly will be more durable if the back is pulled tight after it is tied down.

Right: Top View of the Eztaz Wiggler


Hook: Kamasan B200, size 6-8 or Eagle Claw L1197, size 4-8

Thread: Danville Red 6/0

Tail and Back: Orange Squirrel Tail

Body: Hot Orange Eztaz

Hackle: Hot Orange Grizzly saddle hackle


You can tie the same thing in purple, orange, black and other colors which you think will fish well. Orange is a good color to use if you wish to try this as a crawdad type of pattern. I think this will catch loads of fish as it is a design like the wooly bugger. Add a bead for extra weight.




The Eztaz Egg

Hook: Kamasan B982 size 6-8, straight ringed eye, stout egg hook

Thread: Danville, Flo Orange 6/0

Body: Eztaz

Eggs are one of the most popular flies to fish for salmon. In the water Eztaz will fold back making it appear to be an egg, As time goes on, the eggs will change color. At various egg stages blue or purple can be very effective. Some tyers maintain that the best way to make this fly is to leave a tag of thread showing out the rear. To make this fly, start thread and wrap the entire hook shank. Tie in Eztaz and wrap forward and tie off. Leave a small head of thread. That's it!


The Eztaz Stonefly

Hook: Mustad 9672, size 8-10

Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Split black biots

Body: Medium Black Ultra Chenille

Wing Case: Black Spirit River Body Braid Doubled, Thorax: Black Eztaz

Sorry for the bad picture, this didn't have much contrast on the scan. This is not a hard fly to make. Begin by making a split tail of black biots. Do this by cutting of 2 biots and then slid the hook between the two pieces. Tie down. Tie ultra chenille and wrap forward to the middle of the hook. Double a piece of body braid and tie in. Tie in Eztaz. Wrap Eztaz forward and tie off. Pull braid over the back and tie off. You can make a hot belly stone by using Chartreuse Eztaz for the belly.

Mike's Copper Top March Brown Nymph

Hook: Mustad 9672 , size 10-12, Bead: 3/32nd, gold optional

Thread: Black 6/o Danville Tail: Hackle fibers

Body: Copper Lite Brite, Thorax: Bronze Lite Brite

Rib: Copper Wire, Wingcase: No name metallic craft braid ( wide) Copper

Hackle: 2-3 turns of mottled hen saddle, stripped on one side.

This really isn't an Eztaz fly. I stuck it in here as a nymph you can make to steelhead with. This is a pretty bright nymph in dull colors. This is pretty straight forward, make as you would a hare's ear or a pheasant tail. I used metallic colors of Lite Brite for the dubbing. The wingcase is some wide copper braid ( about 1/4" ) I got at a craft store somewhere. In a pinch, sub about 15-20 strands of Crystal Flash in copper as a back.


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