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Wow! There is a ton of Really Cool New Stuff!!

Renzetti Apprentise Vise: This vise is ideal for the newer fly tyer or the traveling fly tyer. The jaws will hold from a size 3/0 down to size 24. Comes as a clamp vise, the jaws adjust by turning the head up and down. Rear cam design with a turning head, that moves by unscrewing the nut on the side of the vise. Made in the USA.

Price: $100













Renzetti Ruby Tipped Bobbin: Bobbin has a synthetic ruby tip that prevents thread from fraying. One of the best bobbins ever made. Smooth spool feet allow you to work with fine threads to improve control and also reduce breakage. Bottom tube is flared to allow work with a wide range of threads. Made in USA.

Price: $23.00





Renzetti Double Ender Midge Stacker: If you work with fine hair or are making wings for trout flies, this is the perfect stacker. Has 2 cones that can be used. Works well for making compara duns, parachute Madam X's , hopper wings and the like. Has rubber caps that allow you to protect table tops.

Price: $19.75











Renzetti Standard Double Ender Stacker: Has 2 ends that can be used for making standard size hair. Ideal for working with kip tail or calf body hair, can be used on small size bugs like muddlers and also Dave's Hoppers and such. Ideal for the newer tyer in that you get a couple of sizes for stacking. Great for travel.


Price: $19.75










Renzetti Tool Caddy: This is one of the most useful products you can buy. The Tool Caddy is molded out of solid foam and will hold bobbins, glue, stackers, and almost any tool you have. Ideal for a large number of bobbins, hackle pliers and such. Helps to organize a tying table.


Price: $21.00






Renzetti Realistic Extended Body Tool: These are "C " shaped and have a small bend in the bottom allowing you to insert these into a vise. To use, lay foam over the top and wrap. When done pull off extended body. Use these for making extended body hexes, drakes and the like. Can also be used for damsels or dragons. Set of 3; $18.50





2010-11 Coolest Tool of the Year!

Marc Petitjean's MP Thread Through Bobbin: This is the bobbin of all bobbins. This bobbin has several unique features that allow for self threading of thread, and a built in loop tool that allows the bobbin to spin on its own axis. Thread replaces in a snap and makes for easy use. Swiss made with a lot of hand adjustments make this a great tool. Selected as outstanding new fly tying product at the 2009-10 Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Denver.

Price: $50.00




Fly Tyer's Display Domes: These are very hard to locate. These are perfect for making gifts, displays or to show off your work. Make one for a fishing friend, relative, use for fund raisers or make them to sell your display flies. Small base is composite material, medium base is oak. Tops are glass.

Used by fly tyers like Ralph Graves and Fishy Fulum.

Small is ideal for dry flies, hoppers and such.

While Medium is perfect for streamers and stoneflies and smaller/medium salmon flies.

Sizes: Small ( 1 3/4" by 2 1/2" dome, base 2 3/4")

Medium ( 2 3/4" by 4 3/4"dome, 4 1/2" base )


Small: $7.50

Medium: $8.50












Cordura Tool and Travel Case: This is an ideal case for holding tools and your vise. Padded with cordura cover, makes a nice case for classes, demos or travel. About the size of a large notebook.


Price: $35.00





Badger Creek's Leather Tool Wallet: This is a very nice flat tool wallet, useful for storing bobbins, scissors, bodkins ect. Brown embossed, soft leather. Has a zipper and is about 4" by 8" zipped up. Inside has a soft material lining and elastic bands to hold tools.4 bands to hold lots of tools. $12.50




Badger Creek's 5 Piece Tool Set: Wow! This is a deal! You get a bodkin, threader, whip finisher, scissor and bobbin. Brass handles and inserts, these are well made for the money.

Price: $15.00

Order Both the Tool Wallet and the 5 Piece Set: $20.00





Badger Creek's Pedestal Base: This is a nice base that will travel well. Cast base with a black finish. Has oversized hole that will fit European or Metric Stems such as the Danvise. Has insert that allows hole to be adapted to fit any standard 3/8" stems.

Price: $24.00






Bulldog Tweaser Clamps: These are nice pair tweasers with a tight clamp style tip. Ideal for setting wings, holding materials or use for making wet flies, classic streamers or salmon flies. Use for holding flies or using for threading small midges.

Price: $5.00



Badger Creek's Iris Scissor: These have a very fine tip and are ideal for using on dry flies. Spring loaded end, squezzes to close. About 4.5" long. Price: $4.50




DuBois Hackle Gauge: These are brand, new never used. These are original and are actually completely out of circulation. I have located some of these that have been in storage close to 40 years. These are beyond "vintage". Very unique gauge has hackle gauge, hook gauge, wet fly wing gauge, tail gauge and dry wing gauges. Useful to set sizes and determine proportions. Originally created by Don DuBois. Aluminum, printed. One of a kind item, not available elsewhere. Price: $10.00


Eye Paint Tool: This is an aluminum handle, with one end for iris, one for the pupil. Can be used to paint lead eyes or feathers. Really handy, makes realistic eyes.

Price: $4.50


Stonefo Soft Ring Hackle Pliers: Pliers has a rubber ring at base that flexes to make using the plier a bit more comfortable. Has a nice tip to grab materials with, hackle or use as a second hand to hold floss, wire ect when making bodies.

Price: $8.50




Tungston Dubbing Whirlygig: This is the answer for tyers looking for a shorter tool to use with a ped base or working around a short stem vise. Spins great and is quite heavy. Made of solid tungston. Small wires on ends allow for you to spin tight dubbing loops.

Price: $10.50






Stonefo Adjustable Tension Bobbin:From Italy, this is a bobbin has a machined insert that hold a curved tube with an adjustable foot. There is an insert in the bobbin tube to prevent fraying. Similar in design to Rite Bobbin, this has a fully adjustable dial on it, to help avoid thread break offs. $21.50






Famous Dr. Slick Adjustable Scissors and Tungston Carbide Scissors:

Dr. Slick's De Burring Pliers: Okay you asked for these. Flat jaw plier. These have a square jaw with a flat head. Use them to smash down barbs on hooks. Has NO serrations. Famous Gold Plated Dr. Slick Handles. $19.00







Dr. Slick's Twisted Sister Sscissor: You've seen these in all the magazines. Has a small extended section of the handle to make using and handling these scissors easier. Gold plated handles. 3.5" fine tip blades, make these ideal for making dry flies. $19.00


Dr. Slick 4" Razor Scissor: This is a short version of the razor scissor. These are adjustable scissors with nice tight tips. Ideal for dry flies and small flies or trout flies. Large gold plated loops make it easy for you to put your fingers in and out. Small nut allows for adjustment of tips with a quick turn.

Price: $28.00




Dr. Slick's 5" Razor Scissor: Adjustable tips allow you to improve the cutting. Ideal for dry flies, these are some of the sharpest scissors on the market. Longer blade allows you to work on a variety of flies. Large gold plated loops will fit all but the biggest of fingers.

Price: $28.00




Dr. Slick's 4" Tungston Carbide Scissor: Extra strong tips, allow you to keep the tips nice and sharp. Ideal for cutting deer hair and general cutting. Tips won't dull as easily as a standard scissor. Nice scissor for general cutting.

Price: $28.50



The Famous Rite Bobbin:

Standard Rite Bobbin: We've been selling the Rite Bobbin for several years. It's easily one of our favorite Bobbins. The Rite has a ceramic tip and an adjustabl tension knob that allows you to correct for each spool, thread size or material difference. By spinning the wheel in or out you can correctly adjust for the correct tension. This is makes tying a breeze. The standard is the best all around bobbin and the best seller. We are adding all the sizes of bobbin.

Price: $20.00

Not shown: Shorty Rite Bobbin: Ideal for tyers with small hands (females and kids perhaps?) or tyers that want more control for tighter turns. Perfect for midge tying. Identical to the standard but barrel is shorter.

Price: $20.00


Hell For Stout Rite Bobbin: This is a heavy duty sized standard sized bobbin built for working with heavy thread for saltwater or spinning deer hair. Unlike the larger sizes, this one will allow you work with a standard sized ped base without hitting the table top. Really rugged and very sturdy for the biggest work.

Price: $26.75

Not Shown: Ceramic Magnum Rite Bobbin: This is the biggest bobbin, extra long saltwater or bass bobbin for spinning big bugs. Ideally, this bobbin should be used with a clamp vise, as it is quite long. Has a ceramic insert. Price: $30.00


Also Not Shown Magnum Bobbin: This is similar to the Hell for Stout but has a longer tube for saltwater and bass flies to give you extra room when spinning big bugs. Price: $26.75 ( Note for either I can email photos or links ) :0

New Badger Creek Fly Tying Tools As many of you know, I import my own tools. I deal directly with tool manufacturers overseas to offer some of the best tools around. Some of these are quite unique. For this season I have selected interesting tools that are affordable and well made. All are a joy to use, and offer you some great values.







Bobbins: Badger Creek bobbins are sturdy and affordable, our bobbins allow you to add more tools to your collection without breaking the bank.

S + M Style Bobbins: A good many of you are missing the old bobbins, I,Äôve done my best to find these. Similar to the originals. Plate style design with a metal tube, allows you to have bobbin sit square on the desk. $4.50







Badger Creek Wood Trim Ceramic Bobbin: Has a wood barrel insert, we,Äôve sold dozens of these already. Very well made, one of the best bobbins I offer. Has a bead ceramic tip, brass feet and a nice polished ,ÄúA,Äù frame/standard design. Fits nicely in your hand. Stout or Medium Tube:




Brass Bullet Head Ceramic Bobbin; This has a molded brass bullet head with a ceramic tipped tube and a flared bottom tube. Ideal for bass flies, saltwater and also heavy duty tying. Brass feet. $8.50




Fine Tube Bobbin: This is a standard basic bobbin which has a fine tube and brass feet. Ideal for a travel kit, classes, the Grandkids or use an extra. $3.50







Large Bullet Head Bobbin: Has a flared end, ideal for floss or wire. A few have large openning for saltwater threads, floss or wire. $4.50











Dubbing Tools: With these dubbing tools, you can spin loops and create lots of interesting dubbed bodies

Bird Style Dubbing Hook: Has a brass handle with a triangle shaped dubbing hook. Original design created by Cal Bird. Used by tyers like John Shewey. Has a hook on one end, you turn sideways to roll loops. Use to hold silk floss from getting oil on it. $4.50

Dubbing Spinner/Whirler: The Whirler was originally designed by Darrell Martin. Cast brass with small wires, allow you to spin dubbing loops. Well balanced, a real bargin. $5.00







Extended Reach Dubbing Spinner: Very Unique, has a longer tube that allows you to hold spun loops. Small twister at the bottom. $4.50









Dubbing Rake: The dubbing rake acts as a "claw" to pull fur away from hide, pelts or patches, allowing you to leave guard hairs behind. Great tool! $4.50


Popular Turbo Dubber: Has a ball bearing head. Head spins. Handle is machined and has a slot to allow you to slide up and down hook shank and use a hair packer. 3 interchangable heads. Has dubbing loop tool, hackle plier and also a hook to use for making ropes. This is my most popular dubbing tool. ( Note: Some turbo dubbers come with a hackle plier attachment instead of the forked head shown left . ) $12.50










Hackle Pliers: Hackle pliers can be used to hold materials, help wrap floss or tinsel bodies as well as hackle. Almost every plier can be tuned by adjusting the head.

Black Finger Ring Hackle Plier: For many years, I offered the Marryat Hackle Plier with a ring and a nice locking head. This is a similar version to the plier I no longer offer. Quite nice. Holds hackle tight. $2.50






Catskill Style Artery Clamps: This is the first time I,Äôve had these. Has a wide jaw with a x-cross pinch style design, allows for you to to grab materials, wind hackle or hold items in place. Used by many old style Catskill tyers. Very unique. $3.50






English Style Midge Hackle Plier: Has a tiny head, use for making smaller flies or use to hold floss, wire, tinsel. $2.50


Large Spring Adjustable Hackle Plier: This has a molded ring with a spring and a rotating hackle plier head attached. Spring acts to create tension and reduce break-offs. $6.50




Nice Finger Pad Hackle Plier: Standard hackle plier design with brass finger pads attached to the sides. Helps to give better control and protect hackle from break offs. Sold in other places for much more. $3.50




Rotating Hackle Pliers: Has a brass handle with a rotating head. Ideal for use with the newer style vises. $4.50








Badger Creek Stackers: We offer some nice stackers that are well made, affordable and allow you to stack wings, bodies or materials.

Badger Creek Machined Stackers: For many years I sold stackers of my own design. These are machined and a bit smaller. The micro allows for stacking of small wings like compara duns and has a chrome finish,$6.50

The medium size stacker is brass with a machined hex shaped bottom. Great for hoppers, stimulators or other bugs. $9.00






Brassy Style Hair Packer: This is a medium sized hacker packer. Has a notch in the end, slid over the hook and pack hair. Designed to make bugs more dense. $2.50







Shoehorn Bucktail Stacker: This is an open sided stacker that allows you to stack bucktails and long wings. To use, just lay in bucktail, tilt stacker and tap. Quite a nice design. Style I used to carry for many years. $3.50









Threaders, Whip Finishers and Bodkins


Brass Handle Threader: ( Not shown ) Has a nice small brass handle. Use for pulling thread into bobbin. $3.50

Deluxe Bodkin: An Extra heavy large handle with standard bodkin tip. Very nice. Machined aluminum handle. Won't roll around or dance the Texas Two Step. Gotta Have this one! $3.50


Standard Bodkin: Machined hex handle, won't allow handle to roll off tables. ( Note: Some handles are brass, some come black) : $2.50



Whip Finisher: Has a small brass tube for a handle. Traditional Matarelli design head.

Standard $5.50

or Extended Reach/Saltwater: $6.50








Misc Tools, Wing Burners, Parachute Tools, Base and Vise Offsets


Badger Creek Tube Fly Tool: 3 pin vice. Ideal for tubes of all sizes. Fits any vise. To use slid tube down pin, insert pin and tighten. $9.00



Fly Tyer's Lance: This are really handy. When sharpened, these allow you to split quills. Much more environmentally friendly than standard razor knives, as these can be sharpened and used again and again. $4.50


Fine Tip Tweaser: These are just the ticket you need for making Ray Bergman style wet fly wings and all of your married wing salmon flies. Extra fine points allow you to pick up strips, split quill or put together small pieces. You can also use these to grab flies out of boxes and bins. ( Note a few of these have curved ends with fine tips, allowing you to grip with your fingers. ) $3.50


Wing Burners:

Wing burners are a hot ticket with tyers making realistic flies. These wing burners are modestly priced and allow you to create a complete set without breaking the bank. All are shaped out of heavy gauge brass and allow you to burn feathers or other wing materials to size wings.

Shown Left to Right: Mayfly, Stonefly, Caddis Fly

Mayfly: The Mayfly set comes as a set of 4 $9.75

Stonefly: Set of 3 stonefly wing case burners: $9.75

Caddis Fly/Sedge: Set of 3, can also be used for spinner wings. $9.75






Materials Clip: This is spring that clips together allowing you to keep materials out of the way. Use for floss, wire, tinsel. Fits most AA vises. $1.00


Mike's Gallows Tool (AKA Parachute Tool ): Has a spring and a hook to add a hackle plier. Gallows design, great for making parachutes. Adjustable up and down, fits standard 3/8,Äù design stem. $12.50



Vise Extender: One of the best ways to improve your tying comfort if to use an extender. The extender allows you to make the vise move down and away from the table, reducing stress and neck pain. For use with c-clamp. $12.50, comes with a small bead/hook tray.





Badger Creek Pedestal Base:
This is an affordable base that fits any 3/8" stem vise. Has a threaded stem seat that removes, allowing for easy travel or storage. Bottom is black anodzied with a pad to protect table tops. $15.00









Leather Leader Straightner: I've sold these for many years. Has a leather patch with a rubber pad, pull leader through to remove kinks. $2.50






Badger Creek Leather Reel Cases: These are suede leather and fleece lined. These protect your reels from getting chipped or dented. Zipper cover.

Top: 4" ( 2 shown back to back, actual is a single ) use for large arbor or saltwater reels. ( Note: all suede cases are now the top burnt orange color and are NOT tan colored. )

Not Shown: Half Moon Reel/Spool Case: Has a smooth black leather, with a loop attached. Can be attached to belt, wading belt ect. Holds reels or spools. About 5" long and 4" wide. Very nice.



Price ( either) : $12.50


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946



For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946