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Wow! These are Great!

Heritage Reel: These are sealed, large arbor reels. These can be used for salmon fishing, trout fishing, bass, saltwater or as a spey reel. Has a nice palming rim, counter balance and adjustable drag. Can be used in saltwater. Very well made. Black only


5/6: $125

7/8: $145

8/9: $165

10/11: $175



Arapahoe Wading Staffs: This is a multi-part wading staff with a shock cord insert. Staff breaks down and folds into a pouch that clips onto a belt. Top has a compass, with a tie off strap in the event that you drop it, you won't loose it. $45.00

Wow! These are Nice!

Handmade Authentic Maine Streamer Wallets: These are handmade in Maine by a fine old-world leathercraftsman, using original designs. The have 4 felt pages inside and are perfect for storing tandem, New England Streamers, Salmon Flies or Long Trout Flies.

Each Measures about 4 " by 8" Closed and has a solid snap.

2 Styles: Hand whipped edge with polished leather or Plain leather. Some have also have a folded fleece inside.


Hand Whipped: $25.00



Plain: $18.00









Streamer Rod Cover/Guard: These are quite unique. If you fish with large streamers, eyed flies or long flies, this is for you. The materials can get wrapped around lines, leaders and also around tippet. Covers also protect rods from getting damaged from eyes, beads and dumbells or large hooks/tandems. Made in Maine by the folks that make my original wallets. These are leather with felt and Vel-Cro closures.

Comes on and off without changing flies/cutting line. Some patches are dark or light. About 2" by 3 closed.

Price: $2.50


A Reel Markdown: Great DISCOUNTS on new reels.

After 8 years, Elite reels is getting out of business. I have been able to gobble up some of the old stock at great prices. I also dropped the price. This is your last chance to get a nice reel at a great price.

Elite Andros Reel: Disc Drag, Counter balance, 3 point needle bearing drag, machined reel foot, reel bag. Size 7-8-9 ONLY. Ideal for saltwater, steelhead, BIG bass or pike. Holds 230 yards, 20 lb backing plus WF-8-F line.

Nowhere can you find a saltwater reel at this price!

These were over $120! EVEN Lower Price: NOW $60.00

Import Flies


Not enough time to tie your own? Or maybe you struggle with making some nice dries. I have found some very well made flies which I imported directly from Africa. By doing this , I cut out about 5 guys which normally eat up your excess change. These are priced at $10/dozen......or $.83 each.mix or match. Click here to sse all my fly patterns available

Fly Boxes and Vest Stuff...

Badger Creek's Digital Thermometer: Unique item, this is a digital scale which changes color at different temps. Scale ranges from 40-80 degrees and also has metric scales. Will clip to vest, zinger or put in pocket. $5.00

Thing A Ma Bobber: Okay before all you purist types get all upset about this one, here goes. Thingamabobbers are air filled and blown plastic. You make a loop and slide it down your leader. This is a super hot item with steelheaders. It allows the bugs to float at the proper depth and enables more strikes. 2 sizes: 1/2" and 3/4". Comes only in a mixed color bag with white, yellow, orange, pink. $6.00




Cliff's Bugger Barn: Finally a monster box to handle a boat load of large files (streamers, poppers, saltwater patterns). The BuggerBarn has major capacity, but what makes the box is the unique material. The slots cut into the material really grip a hook. To load, simply back the hook into a slot and it is held securely. To remove, just back the hook out. No rips or tears like regular "foam". Fish it hard because it loves abuse. (inside dimensions 8 3/4" X 4 3/8" X 1 3/8").

Ideal for bass flies, saltwater flies and all the other large patterns that need extra room. Will fit inside a vest pocket or stuff inside a Willy J pack. $22.00






Cliff's Bugger Beast and Beast Jr: There are anglers out there, like us, who like to thow meat (big flies). Big flies catch big fish, but the problem is, "How do you store them?" We have the answer. The Beast Series uses the same time-tested, hook gripping, slotted blue material as our infamous Bugger Barn. If you are at the stage where you have accumulated and want to organize lots of big flies, we've got the box for you. Cliff's Bugger Beast is 13.5" X 9" X 3". The Beast Jr. is 10" X 6.5" X 2.75". the question is, "How much meat are you going to pack?"

Holds a ton of flies. Ideal for saltwater, bass or pike flies.

Bugger Beast: $45.00

Bugger Beast Jr; $43.00


Marc Petitjean Micro Slit Boxes: These have a thin piece of foam as an insert and have small micro slits. Use for small dries or smaller trout flies. Smaller box is about 3" by 3" , easily fits inside a breast pocket. Larger box is a double version of smaller box and is about 3" by 5" or so. Clear top, black plastic base. Small Box: $13.00, Large Box: $18.50


Doc's Dry Dust: Used for a dry fly agent. Just brush on, keeps flies dry and helps to float them. Only agent that is really recommended for use on CDC flies. Used by America's fly tying sweetheart Kim Boal to keep all of her CDC creations afloat. $5.00








Gerhke's Gink: World famous fly paste. Just add a drop and rub into your fly. Keeps flies floating high and dry all day. $5.00


Holdzit Squeeze Sheath: Holds all of you bottle and paste jugs. Push bottle into Holdzit and it hangs upside down. Black with key chain. $4.50


Lightning Strike Football Indicators ( AKA Fish Pimps): These have a small tube that removes, pull out the tab and insert your leader. Favored by steelheaders as the best method to suspend flies off the bottom of the stream. Colors: Orange or Yellow. Sizes: S-M or L. $3.75

Mayfly-Hex Tippet Post Holder: This is cool. Made of anodized aluminum, this has a solid post to hold tippet spools. Will allow you to stack up 6 wheels of your favorite material. Keeps tippets arranged and allows you to select material with out digging around in your vest or pack. American made. $10.50







Mike-Rite Leader Gage: This dandy clip on device, allows you to measure leader diameters accurately to one ten thousands of an inch. The Mike-Rite will measure every tippet and leader diameter from .004" though .031". Elinimates all the hassle and guess work figuring out leader diameters and is idea for anyone who wants to build leaders. $20.00








Meiho Water Baby: This box has a locking gasket top and has foam inserts which pop in and out. Each insert has a slit in it to allow you to slip flies in and out. Ideal for dry flies. Box is Olive. ( Additional Inserts available) $16.50





Pizza Box: This has 8 compartments with flip lids. Box has a tapered bottom to allow easy access in and out of each compartment. Boxes are stackable and you can lock several boxes together. Great box for eyes and beads!!!! $5.00






Sci-Angler System X Box: This is a very cool clear box. Has a pre-cut foam insert with silts to allow you to put all of your flies in the box. Holds a motherload of dry flies. Top has a locking gasket which can be snapped shut to keep water out.

Price: $20.00 ( Extra Inserts are available in streamer or dry fly)






Turtle Box: This box folds in half, has a green back and a small hump with turtle markings. Ideal for the kids, or just for fun! Has locking latch. 3 3/4" x 2 87/8' x 1 1/4" Very nice and unusual. $6.00






Streamworks Nipper Plus: This is a super cool tool. Has a lite led head which allows you to see in the dark to tie on a fly. Features a removable clip that will clean eyes AND threade hooks. Ideal for folks that have a hard time with smaller flies. $16.00

These are cool!

Spudz: These are the finest Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth ever seen designed to keep your optical products clean! Each Spudz comes with a clip hook that allows you to attach it where you want it. Clip onto jackets, zingers, vests or lanyards, this is a great product. All Spudz are packed in a rugged neoprene cover and have a sewn-in cloth design means you'll never lose your micro-fiber lens cloth again. Ideal for Photographers and Fly Fishers that spend substantial amounts of money for their optics. Every angler wearing polarized glasses may find a time when there glasses get wet or dirty. Spudz was developed for active people who care about their optics. Colors: Black, Black with Blue Lightning ( very cool), Brook Trout Scale Print or Brook Trout with Caddis Fly. $5.00

Spudz Anti Fog Lens Cleaning Aid: Desinged to keep all of your optics from fogging up. No more haze and sweat covered glasses! This is great stuff. Use with the Spudz to see the exact bottom of the stream. $3.00








Wasatch Custom Angling's Tool Lanyard: Very hot seller at this winter's shows. Made of strong woven repelling cord. Has clips to hold all of your tools. Ideal for float tubers, kick boats or drift boat fishing. Also favored by salty anglers as well. As special I include a free nail knot tool and a small fly box. Elsewhere these retail for over $30, a great value at $22.00







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