This section contains new materials, sythetic stuff, yarns and threads.

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DNA: This is just about the hottest stuff around. DNA is a set of synthetic fibers usually used for making baitfish patterns. Some tyers like Ted Patlin and Bill Logan use this material for making parachutes, as spinner wings or even for shucks on comparaduns. This is a cool material and we are finally able to bring this to you.

DNA Frosty Fish Fibers: Frosty Fish Fiber is a translucent helical fiber that changes in color and sheen depending on how the light strikes it. It has an incredible life like quality to it and it mimics the natural skin of a bait fish. The fibers are quite fine and can also be used for trout patterns with spinner wings, parachute posts and also shucks on compara duns as all real possibilities. You can also mix this as an underwing below a trout wing as a really improved X Caddis pattern. About 8.5" long.Very cool stuff. Colors: White, Pink, Chartreuse, Black, Light Gray, Olive $4.00


DNA Holo Fushion: Holo Fushion is a blend of Holo Chromosome Flash and other DNA Fibers. This blended material is semi translucent and emits just the right amount of glimmer without a dazzling glare. While moving in the water it creates a shimmering effect that is enticlingly attractive to fish. Has a very mobile quality to make patterns life like. About 8.5" long. Colors: Yellow, Olive, Black, Chartreuse, Silver Gray, Pink. $5.50

DNA Holo Chromosome Flash: This can be tied with other materials or used on its own. Has a realistic translucency that enables the fibers to be blended with other materials. Holo Chromosome Flash is also highly moblie allowing it to create some realistic patterns. About 8.5" long. One color only: White. $4.00


UV Chewee Skin: This has a UV reflective film bonded to soft, flexible foam. Use this for gummy minnows, gummy stones, gummy worms, the uses are endless. Has a pearlized oil slick color. Colors: Black, Pearl, Red, Purple, Olive, Clear. $5.50








Don Bastion Wet Fly Materials:

If you are interested in making the Bergman style flies such as in the recent Fall Issue of Fly Tyer magazine, this is the list of stuff you will need.

DVD: Tying Clasic Wet Flies By Don Bastian: Don is one of the world's leading tyers of Classic Wet Flies. Many of his flies have appeared in books such as Forgotten Flies and the Art of Angling Journal. Don shows how to make several of the traditional patterns using quills and also lists many of the patterns from Bergman's Trout. This is a great DVD this is easy to follow with clear instructions. $25.00



Mustad 3399 Hooks: Favored by Don for making wet flies. Down eye, sproat bend. Sizes 6-14. Price: $6.50

Fine Danville Tinsel: Use this fine myler for a tinsel rib, gold/silver reversable. $1.50

Single Strand Danville Floss: This is my version of the popular 4 strand floss. Danville makes this just for me! Use with a material bobbin and wrap. Use for soft hackles, salmon flies, streamers and steelhead flies. Colors: Red, Black, Burnt Orange, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Claret, Purple, Teal, Highlander Green, Light Blue ( These Colors are Depth Ray Floss: Hot Lime, Hot Pink, Flo White, Flo Yellow, Flo Orange, Flo Red ). $1.00 each

Duck Quills: These are used for wings on wet flies. Colors: Natural, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Olive, Red $1.50

Mallard Wings: Natural matched pairs of mallard wings. Contains McGinty quill secondaries as well. $5.00


Beads, Legs, Eyes and Cones:

Liquid Fushion: This is a water based clear urethane glue that works like epoxy without all the mixing, smell or mess. Great for coating heads, attaching eyes, coating wing cases. Can be thinned with water for a thinner penetrating formula. Use on Copper Johns or add or add to a head for a gloss coat.

Price: $7.50

Nymph Head Pupil Eyed Tungston Beads: These are tungston beads with small eyes. Ideal for nymphs, you can paint the eyes if you wish for added realism. Size : 7/64", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16". Black, Gold, Silver, Antique Copper, and Chartruese. 20 per pack.

Price: 7/64", 1/8" $6.00

Price: 5/32", 3/16" $7.00

New Nymphead Industrial Gold Bead Packs: 50 and 100 pack/ Industrial sized packs of beads, in extra brite gold. Your favorite sizes: 1/8" or 5/32".

Price: $$5.00/50 or $9.00/100

Nymphead Anodizesd Colored Bead: Eyes are anodized so that color is fused to the bead, not painted on. Won't chip and crack. Colors are a candy/metallic color ( Think Chuck Barris 1960's Custom Cars ) and you get the idea. Use for egg sucking leeches, steelhead, stoneflies, hot head trout flies, hot head buggers.Sizes: 3/16", 5/32", 1/8" 7/64" Colors: Pink, Blue, Red, Chartreuse. Price: $3.00/25

Authentic New England Streamer Eyes: These are the real thing. These were originally used on the Light and Dark Edison Tiger Flies. These have a small tab that clipped and you lay on each side. Solid brass, each pack contains 48 pieces. Ha







Machined Rainbow Brass Beads: The original rainbow beads used for the Morris' s Candy Corn flies, are no longer available. These rainbow beads are have a multi color finish and are the more tradtional brass beads with a counter drilled hole allowing you to slide them around the bend of the hook. Colors are a swirl similar to an oil slick. Call these the BP Deepwater Horizon Beads. Sizes 5/32", 1/8", 5/64" $3.50/25


Skull Heads: Selected as new 2010 Fly Tying Material of the Year at this fall's Denver Tackle Show. Sizes: Small or Medium. This a molded tungston head with recessed eyes. Slide on add bucktail or bunny strips. Colors; Black, silver, gold, blue. $6.50 each. Use for making skull head double bunnies.





New Color of 3D Eyes: 3d eyes in new hot color: super pearl. Comes in 6 sizes: 1/8" 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4". 5/16". Ideal for minnow pattern. Great color.

Price: $3.00/pack of 20






X or Cross Eyed Cone: Use these to add extra weight. Use for muddler or minnow type patterns. Attach 3d eyes or sticker eyes with super glue or epoxy. Sizes: Small ( 1/4" ), Medium ( 3/8" ) or Jumbo Head Thumper ( 7/16")

Colors: Black or Nickel

Price: $5.00/10





Oval Pupil #D Adhesive Eyes: These have 2 tone colors and oval shapes in the pupil to create an even more realistic looking eye. Almost winks at you if you look long enough. Sizes: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"

Colors: Chartreuse with Red, Orange with Black, Red with Black, Pearl with Black.

Price; $6.00/20




Pseudo Eyes: These are brass eyes recessed with built in colored pupils. Just tie on. Sizes: Small 5/32", Medium 3/16" , Large 7/32", X-Large 5/32". Colors Nickel with Red, Yellow or Chartreuse.

Price: $5.00/12







Recessed Dumbell Eyes: These have an eye socket molded into the eye. Just super glue or epoxy the eye into the socket and you have a realistic eye. Colors: Black, Gold, Silver. Sizes: XS-S-M-L

Price: $4.25/20







Uni Bobber: Okay before you yell and scream at me, this is really a great idea and has some interesting applications. While, not your typical Catskill fly material, I think this has some very useful possibilities. A whole series of guide originated flies designed for drift boats will be introduced in the new future by some really big fly companies. The Uni Bobber is similar to the Thingamabobber striker indicator. These are tiny are filled bubbles made of soft plastic with a tab for you to tie on. Use as a parachute or use as a micro/midge strike indicator. Colors: Chartruse, Red, Glow in the Dark, White. $3.00/6

Mixed Pack of a baker's dozen ( 13): $6.00







Mini Round Rubber Legs: I found a source for these fine grade legs. About 1/2 the size of the standard medium round legs. Colors: Black, Brown, White. $1.50

Micro Round Rubber Legs: These are extra fine legs to use on very small flies. Size is much finer than anything else. Use for size 16 and smaller flies. Color: Black, White, Tan, Olive, Yellow. $2.50




Speckled Round Legs ( AKA Tarantula Legs or Tarantu-Legs): These are medium round legs that are marked with black bars for a grizzly effect. Use for Hoppers, Madam X, Para Madam X flies and more. Colors: Olive, Brown, White, Chartruese, Yellow, Hot Orange, Tan. $4.00/ Pack






Glass Rattles: Often used in the center of streamer flies to add a bit more noise. Usually folks tie these on to the hook shank and pull tubing over the rattle. Sizes: 4mm or 3mm. $4.00


Tungston Beads: At your request I added tungston beads. About twice as heavy as standard brass beads. Colors: Black or Gold. Sizes: 3/16", 5/32", 1/8". 764", 3/32", 5/64", 1/16". $3.75/pack of 10




Ribbed Tungston Scud/Shrimp Bodies: These are tungston weights that can be tied on the back of hooks or put in the curve of shrimp hooks. Really neat innovation, best method I have seen to weight curved hooks. Sizes: XS, S, M, L $6.00/ pack of 10.




Micro Jigs: Micro Jigs are one of the hottest products with the Czech Nymphers. These are wonderful to use for making flies that sink fast. One other advantage is that these hooks will swim at right angles making your presentation more life like. Micro jigs make one of the best cased caddis flies you will ever use. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THESE! Size 1/80oz can be tossed with a 3 weight rod. Hooks are gold plated and about size 12. Colors: Gold or Nickel. $3.50/pack

Almost guaranteed to catch fish!





Partridge15BNX Klinkhamer Extreme: The Klinkhamer hook as it was originally designed by Hans van Klinken, with a short straight shank for the parachute and an extreme kink on the shank for the submerged body. A true emerger! Available in sizes 10-16. Price $5.50

Not Shown: Partridge 15BN: Original Shape of the Klinkhammer hook, lacks the flat end but makes a nice emerger hook. Try making standard type parachutes and see if they fish better. About 2x long. Sizes: 10-16. $5.50





Partridge CZ Hooks: Original Czech Nymph shape used to make popular Czech Nymphs. Deadly super-sharp with Nblack Nickel Plate. Sizes 6 - 12. Price: $5.50




Body Materials:





Baitfish Emulator: This is a mix of texturize mylar with a treated edge for winding. To make a geat baitfish, just make a few turns, tie off, add some 3d eyes and epoxy and you have an eyecatching ( and fish catching ) pattern. About 2" long. Colors: Black, Gray Ghose, Olive, Peacock, Chartreuse, Pearl Baitfish, Royal Blue. Color with a marker to add gills and body markings.


Price: $5.50






Mega Baitfish Emulator: This is a large saltwater size and it is 5.5" long. Use for making pike, bass, saltwater sized patterns. Same material as above, can be colored with a marker. One color only: Pearl.


Price: $6.00








Silky Bunny Bou Strips: This is special of rabbit cut into zonker strips that has very soft dense fur. The fibers will undulate like crazy in the water. The hair length is shorter than regular type rabbit with little or no guard hairs, giving this its silky smooth look and unreal movement. 2 foot long strips.

Colors: Black, Flesh, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Purple, Olive, Tan and White.

Price: $3.50







Sanyo's Laser Yarn: A unique custom mix developed by Great Lakes Fly Designer, Greg Sanyo. It can be used as wings, collars, wool head style heads. Mix of Ice Dubbing and acrylic staple fibers. Ideal for salmon and steelhead patterns. Comes in a dubbing box with 12 popular colors.

Price: $15.00






Adhesive Backed Micro Furry Foam: Great for crawdad, bonefish or crab patterns. Can be cut into strips or wound as fly bodies. Sticks to almost anything. Can also be cut with River Road Creations foam cutters. Colors: Ivory, Tan, Sand, Olive, Orange, Charteruse, Rust. $3.50



Mike's Glimmer Chenille: This is some nice stuff. Course fuzzy pearlized yarn, a bit wider than the estaz but a bit more sparse. Dyed over pearl. Use for buggers, scuplins and crawdad patterns. I liked this so much I bought several bundles. Colors: Black and Olive. $2.50






Micro UV Polar Chenille: This is a hot new chenille. use this for smaller trout flies, buggers, steelhead nymphs or small salmon flies. Has UV fibers mixed in with mylar strands. About 1/2' long or so. Colors: UV Blck, UV Borwn, UV Chartreuse, UV Fushsia, UV Orange, UV Pink, UV Olive, UV Borwn, UV Clear. $3.00/pack




Bronze Peacock, Golden Peacock, Natural Peacock, Golden Peacock. $1.75



Spawn Yarn: This is smaller-narrow version of egg yarn. Used to make sucker spawn flies and small steelhead eggs. To use: wrap hook with thread, then tie in a small loop, loop about 4-5 times along the back of the hook. Try putting a strip of alternate color between 2 others for a neat effect. Colors: White, Cheese, Orange or Chartreuese. $1.75 each



Tinted Mayfly Tails: These are one of the coolest new items I've ever added. Tails are synthetic tails like the well known Microfibbets. These are fine tappered plastic fibers you can use for making tails, caddis horns or use for emergers. Has multi-colors that are tinted and tipped. Unique colors will make your flies more realistic. Colors: All Black, Cream/Dun/Gold, Clear/Dun/Cream, Clear/Dun/ Cinnamon, Lt Cahill to PMD, Brown Olive, Brown to Black, Black Barred White and Red Fix Squirrel Tail. $2.50/pack


TNT Hopper Legs: Nope this is not some stuff left over from the latest Rockettes presentation at Radio City. These are actual hopper legs which here molded. Made of a soft flexible plastic these are exact duplitcates of hopper legs. These will float and can be cut to size. Use for hoppers, craneflies, crickets or katydids. Colors: Black, Olive, Yellow, Brown. $4.50

Flash and Sparkle Products:



Flashabou Holographic Fire Tiger: Boy this is cool. This is holographic flashabou with a 3 way mix of gold, red, green.. Makes the perfect fire tiger. Use on bass bugs, Clouser Minnows and saltwater bugs. Very cool colors: $4.25









Crystal Mirror Flash: This is very cool stuff. It changes color in different lights for a nice effect. Fibers are similar to Krystal Flash. Colors: Olive, Orange, Peacock Black, Pearl. $3.50 a pack





Dan Bailey's ( CAPS) Wing Fiber: This is a long fiber that is stiched at the top in one piece. Material has some pearl mylar in it and is an antron like material. Use for streamers, trout flies, pike or saltwater. Colors: White, Cream, Chartreuse, Gray, Olive, Orange. $3.50

CCT Fiber: These are bundled, loose fibers used to make the Wing Fiber above. Use as streamer hair, for para posts, shucks or as bucktail sub. Is about 8-10" long. Colors: White, Gray, Olive and Chartreuse. $3.50





Crystal Midge Yarn: This is a fine sized cactus chenille or a fine size Estaz type chenille. Use for all of your smaller sized trout type flies. Great for bodies on woolly buggers or use for streamers. Colors: Pearl< Root Beer, Orange, Fl Chartreuse, Olive, Peacock/Black, Blue, $3.50






CCT Angel Fibers: This is similar to Lite Brite or Angel Hair. Has long mylar fibers, shredded. Use for dubbing, wing material or as a streamer body. Packed in a crush proof tube, keeps material from getting bent, damaged or folded. Blue/Pearl, Holographic Gold, Holographic Silver, Chartreuse, Olive. $4.00






CCT Body Fur: Similar to the CAPS material, fine antron material stiched at the top. Fibers are about 1/2" long, mixed with fine mylar. To use, wrap material and shape. Used for bait fish patterns, crabs or as a shrimp/crawdad pattern. Colors; Black, Hot Orange, Olive, Gray, Tan, Chartreuse, White: $3.50

New Magnum Size: About 2x as long! Same colors: $3.50




CCT Crystal Braid: Crystal Braid is a twisted three strand braid made of crystal midge yarn. Colors are a unique blend of mylar fibers, all twisted. Makes a dandy worm fly or use for a tail on a bug. Colors: Red/Black, Pearl/Black, Olive/Black, Purple/Black, Worm Brown/Black, Chartruese/Black. $4.00






Diamond Braid: This is a great material for bodies, Just wind on and you are done. Often used on bonefish flies and very hot with many steelheaders on the cold fushion sparkle egg patterns.

Colors ( Metallic/ Spooled): Black, Pearl, Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze.

Dyed Over Pearl: Blue, Shrimp, Tan, Olive, Black/Pearl, Purple, Hot Pink, Orange. $1.75

Flat Diamond Braid: This is great stuff. Similar to the old Gudebrod Holo Braid many of us used. This is is useful for streamer flies, bonefish flies or other flies, ties flat. Somewhat wider (slightly) than the regular Diamond. Color: Blackm Chartreuse, Gold, Orange, Pearl, Root Beet, Shrimp Pink, Silver, Yellow. $2.50 /4 yards

Grizzly Krystal Flash: Now this is cool. Grizzly marked Krystal Flash, 2 toned colors. Choose from Copper/Blue, Red/ Black, Silver /Black: $4.00


Hula Wrap: Hula Wrap is a very wide mylar that is a mix of holographic and clear fibers that are stiched into a very wide chenille. Fibers are about 2" long. Use for bass bugs, saltwater flies or make very wide pike bugs. Comes wrapped on a small tippet type spool. Colors: Silver, Chartreuse, Blue, Peacock. $7.50

Ice Yarn: This is a twisted yarn version of Glister or Master Brite dubbing. Comes in a 2 strand piece. Split to make wings, shucks, bodies. Great for terrestrial patterns. or steelhead flies. Colors: Black, Tan, Brown, Chartreuse, Blue, Purple, Dark Olive, Golden Olive, Hot Orange and Pearl. $2.50



8" Ice Wing Fiber: Ice wing is a long hank of the popular ice dubbing. Ideal for streamers, shucks and also for highlights in wings. Also great for emergers, nymphs or chop up and use as highlight in your own dubbings. Colors: Peacock, Pearl/Red Hue, Pearl/UV Hue, Gold, Silver, Black, Light Olive. $2.50

New Colors! Polar Wind ( holographic silver/white), Lavender ( pearl/lavender), Baitfish mix ( black/olive/green), Peacock eye ( olive/blue). Mix this as a dubbing fiber or add to wings. Makes nice streamer wings. $2.50

Joe's Glimmer Minnow Flashabou: My friend Joe Cambridge asked me to stock this one. This is a rainbow blue-gold-lavander that Joe likes to use on his Glimmer fly. Great for smelt and perch patterns.Very unique mix of colors. $3.75

Krinkle Crystal Mirror Flash: This is very cool stuff. Has a krinkle in it and it has light/color shifting ability. Hold it up in different colors of light and it changes color. I love this stuff. It is very unigue. Colors: Pearl, Olive, Purple, Blue and Black. $5.50

Lateral Scale: This is siimilar to the Krinkle Mirror but is pearlized and dyed. I like this one for flashbacks and also for strips on minnow patterns. Colors: Pearl, Olive/dyed Pearl, Chartreuse dyed Pearl. $4.75





Micro Pearl Flashabou: This is 1/100" in widith. Use for smaller size flies.Ideal for midges, parachutes and also for super fine ribs. Great for bodies on tiny sized lightning bug beadheads.$3.75






Micro Braid: This is a fine braid, spooled, ideal for terrestrial bodies or use for midge bodies, salmon ribbing or nice ribs. Really cool colors. Pearl, Green/Black, Copper/Red, Olive/Pearl, Bronze/Brown, Light Olive/Pearl, Blue/Black, Blue/Green. $2.50 a spool.






Midge Flash: These are super fine twisted mylar strands. Use as an under wing, twist and wrap as a body , use for spinner wings or as a parapost. Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Red, Black, Purple and Pearl. $3.50


Flo Neon Flash: This is a glow in the dark flashabou type material. Abosrbs UV and glows. Up to 3 times brighter glow than many standard glow in the dark materials. $4.50







Polar Chenille: This is a very long pearl chenille which is a bit finer than Estaz ( about tiwce as long ) and is somewhat similar to the material we use on the Gold Trash Woolly. Great for fall steelhead or salmon. Choose from Black, Purple, Hot Pink, Chartreuse, Olive, , Pearl, Tan and Root Beer. $3 a pack




Purple Haze: Holographic purple flashabou type material. Has purple and red hues to it. Ideal for steelhead or salmon flies. Can use as ribs also. $3.50






Sparkle Emerger Yarn: These are big hanks of antron. Use for making LaFontaine Emergers, Sparkle Duns, Spinners, Paraposts or use for Serendipty flies. Now that my old favorite Antron Body Wool is no longer available, try this as a sub for zelon. Colros: Black, Amber, Brown, Burnt Orange, Claret, Clear White, Cream, Dk Olve Dun, Ginger, Gray, Light Olive, Olive, Olive Brown, Orange, Pale Yellow, Tan. $3.00





UV Polar Chenille: One of the coolest new things. These are very long fibers that are in a sparse chenille. Fibers have a mix of Long UV fibers and also clear mylar type material. Makes very cool looking patterns. Ideal for steelhead, salmon, bass patterns. Colors; Copper UV, Gold UV, Olive Copper UV, Rusyt Copper UV, Silver UV, UV Pearl. $3.00





Speckled Flashabou: This is a unique product. Standard flashabou w/markings to create a grizzly effect. Colors: Gold, Silver, Bronze: $3.75

Wing Materials:

Clear Wing: This is a clear material used for wings, similar to mylar. Cut it out and use for wings, cases, spinners or duns. Very nice stuff. Somewhat similar to zing wing and swiss straw. $2.50






No-Fray Wing Material: No fray is a softer wing material that can be cut for wings. Use for realistic patterns. Colors: White, Light Dun, Dark Dun, Medium Dun, Black, Tan, Hopper Yellow, Brown,Olive. $2.50






Sparkle Wing Organzia: This is one of the best things for making spinner wings. To use take a bodkin and fray material, peel off strands and tie a bundle on. Ideal for Tricos or small PMD's ect. Color: White. $2.50






Speckled Web Wing: Web wing is an air porous material that is woven and somewhat stiff. Material is speckled with black flecks. Use for caddis wings, hopper wings, for mayflies or crickets. Colors: Brown, Tan, Lt Dun, Dark Dun, Yellow. $3.50





Web Wing/ Standard Non Speckled: Same as above but does not have speckles. A bit stiff than the no-fray listed below. Colors: Black,White, Yellow, Light Dun, Med Dun, Dark Dun, Tan: $3.50




Thread and Wire:



New Cascade Crest Thread Splitting Thread: This is 2 strands of 12/0 thread. One strand is one color, one is another. Use for making split thread loops. To use wind on one strand and than the other. No splitting of threads. Colors: Black/White, Red/Black, Olive/Tan, Orange/White. $3.00

Uni Embossed French Metal Tinsel. Made of very fine metal, strands are embossed with a pattern on one side. Often used for classic streamers or salmon flies. Size Small. Copper, Gold, Silver, $5.00 a spool




Uni Mylar two toned. You asked for this one!!! One side is one color, one side is another. Copper/Blue, Peacock/Orange, Red/Green, Siler/Gold. Size Small. $2.00




Mirage Opal Tinsel: Used by Dennis Potter on several newer patterns. This is very cool stuff. The tinsel actually changes color. Use different colors of thread, dubbing or other materials to alter color. Can change colors in different light also. Sizes: XS or S. $2.00/spool





UNI Strech: At your request I added this material. Strech is a fine poly yarn that is combed out. Use like floss to make bodies or to build up an area. Colors: White, Black, Gray, Flo Red, Olive, Flo Yellow, Chartreuse, Purple $1.50





Danville Spooled Mono: Often used as a ribbing material on scud, can be used on shrimp patterns. Provides strength. Color: Clear/Size: Fine: $1.50





Danville Spider Thread: This is size 16/0 thread is and is the very smallest diameter thread made. Use for tiny flies or to make very fine heads on salmon flies. Color: White Only. 100yd spool. $1.50







Lead Free Wire: At your request I added these. Lead free wire to weight bodies. Use for all of your Yellowstone Park patterns, safer for the environment and also less nasty to yourself. Ideal for use with kids too. Sizes: Fine, Medium or Heavy. $2.50




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