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Jumbo Strips

Badger Creek's Jumbo Strips: If you like making compara duns or hair wing flies, you will love these patches. I have hand selected strips cut to major proportions. These are 2 1/2 by 10" long and are select patches. Use for making compara duns, hoppers, muddlers, elk hair caddis and others. Just beautiful!

Available ONLY at Badger Creek!

From Left to Right: Dark Coastal, Medium Coastal, Dyed Dun Coastal, Bleached Coastal, Light and Dark Elk.

Price: Natural Coastal: $10.00

Dyed or Bleached Coastal Hair: $12.00

Elk: $12.00

Jumbo Deer Hock: Very difficult to locate. This is the complete deer hock tanned. Hair is very stiff , short and has very nice tapers. These are select patches and contain brown, tan and dun mixes. Very useful for making tiny compara duns. This hair will make dozens of flies. About 2 by 8-10". Sizes varies and patches are irregular, allowing you complete access to all sizes of hair.

Price: $10.00

Jumbo Calf Body: Once again, I am able to offer these strips of select hair. Many calf body patches have short, twisted hair or patches that have enough to make a German style moustache. Very hard to locate. About 2 1/2" by 10-12". Patches may contain a small amount of black.

Price: $10.00

Available ONLY at Badger Creek!

Select Hair Patches:


Stimulator or Humpy Patches: I have some extra select deer that is sized to match specific flies. Stimulator hair is fine hair with nice tips that can be used for making stimulator dries. Humpy patches have the right length to make Humpies. Has nice taper and nice tips.

Price: $2.50







Yearling Elk: These are extra select patches. Hair is fine and has a nice texture. Perfect for making elk hair caddis. These are very difficult to locate and supply is limited. Less coarse than typical elk.

Price: $3.25






Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips. These are very cool. 3 toned colors. First is a base, then the fur is tipped in one color, then there is a grizzly pattern on the back. This was a super big hit at the Denver Fly Tackle Dealer Show and won the Ca Ching award by American Angler magazine for hot new material. Colors: Orange/black barred over yellow ( tiger), Black Bard Orange over tan( cree), Blue Black Barred over white (minnow), Mahi Green Black Barrd over Chartreuse. $5.00


Two Toned Rabbit Strips Flesh Strips: If you are fishing for salmon /steelhead or waters that have flesh in them this is a hot ticket. These are colored to look like real fish flesh. In the water they will move just like the real thing. Very cool.

Colors: Creamy Pink, Fleshy Pink, Peachy Orange, Pinky Shrimp, Salmon Pink Orange.


Price: $3.00




Select Tanned Pine Squirrel Skins: Contains loads the entire pelt. Has some rust mixed in with gray and brown. Fibers are a bit shorter than red fox squirrel. $10.00





Tanned Squirrel Pelts: These are tanned hides of the entire squirrel. Contains head, belly, backs ( no tails). Soft tanned. Red Fox or Gray: $12.00





Two Tone Zonker Strips:1/8" wide strips that are colored with 2 tones. The base is one color, the tip is another. Use for zonkers, steelhead flies, streamers or sculpins. Colors: Olive/Black, Purple/Hot Pink, Chartreuse/Black, Orange/Black, Hot Pink/Black. $3.00

Bar Dyed Zonker Strips: These are very cool. The edges have one tone and the bottom is another color, to give a grizzly effect. Use for zonkers, crawdads, salmon flies or steelhead. Colors: Chartreuse/Olive, Orange/ Black, Olive/Brown, Olive/Black, Tan/Brown, Yellow/Olive. $5.00



Cream Australian Opossum: You love this stuff for the Ausable Wulff. Now in a light cream. Use for making a light version of your favorite fly. Great material in lighter color. $1.50







Hareline's Custom Dub Box: Custom Dub is Hareline's special mixed dubbing that has Ice Dubbing and Natural Furs Bleneded together. Reallu nice colors. Includes: Purple, Hot Orange, Black Stone, Black Dragon, Brown Stone, Fl Chartreuse, Fuchis, Hot Pink, Shell Pink, Golden Stone, Olive Dragon. $12.00



Alaskan Carabou: This is a nice patch. The hair spins easily and packs tight. Makes an awesome mouse pattern. Also use for the Rat Face series or even Irresistibles. $2.50





Select Hair Wing: This is one of the easiest ways to apply material to your flies. Fibers are packed as bundles, just clip off some material and tie in. Makes perfect hair wings each time. Material is about 1 1/2" long. Colors White Goat, Brown Pony, Black Goat. $3.50




Chinese Cashmere Goat: Once again back in stock! This is a natural hair which is similar to polar bear. Has a transparent glassy color. Fibers are fine and each patch has 3-5" hair on it. Very cool. Use for hair wings, salmon flies, clousers or loads of other stuff. Yellow, Olive, Orange, Blue, Gray, White, Purple: $3.50








Elk Mane: Use this for bodies, horns and feelers ect. Often used for woven flies such as Grant's stoneflies. Can be used for tails too. About 2-3" long. Natural $3.75









Select English Hare's Mask: These are great for making the famous hare's ear nymph. Dried faces include, the ears, face and cheeks. Nice clean masks. Choose from: Natural, Dyed Black, Bleached, Dyed Olive. $3.50






Bleached Moose Mane: Very long material, use for body material, use for tails. Stiff and about 2-3" long. Nice ends ( sorry picture isn't the best, ends are actually tapered. ) Mix of cream and brown. Use for lighter colored flies. $2.50

New Colors: Bleached then Dyed Black, Gray, Yellow, Olive: $3.75








Select English Mole Skins: There are back! I had a very hard time finding these. Your favorite soft hackle fur is once again available. Extra fine hair. Use for dubbing and spin some into loops of Pearsall's silk floss. Great with midges or as a nice dubbing fur. Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Blue, Tan, Fiery Brown, Claret, Olive. $3.50







Peccary ( AKA Boar or Javelina ): The fibers on these are long and have a taper to them. The color ranges from cream to brown. Use these for tails, crawdads, prawns or wind as a rib. Makes nice dry flies if you flatten the fibers. ( Do this by running your fingers or a blunt object like a spool long them.) $3.50








Porcupine Guard Hair: Used in many new super realistic patterns. These are cream fibers from porcupine. Extra stiff, about 2-3" long. $3.50







Dyed Snowshoe Feet: Use for the unusual usual! These are dyed snowshoe feet dyed in some nice colors. Choose from Olive,Rust, Ginger, Chartreuse, Light Dun or Dark Dun. $2.50 Hot Orange: $2.75







Saltwater Yak Hair ( Not Shown ): This stuff is so big I can't fit on the page! Unreal! This material is about 15" and looks almost like real polar bear. Very translucent and makes nice wings, can be used for muskie flies, saltwater, pike or even salmon flies. Very nice stuff, ends are blunt so you can cut to length. Colors: Natural, Chartreuse, Gray, Black and Olive. $5.50

Badger: Often used for various hair wing flies. Used for several of the rat flies, can be used for Llamas and such also. Barred fur. $2.50/patch

Badger Guard Hairs: These are guard hairs removed from the patch. Has a nice band to them and is ideal for hair wing flies. White with a black stripe. $3.00

( Shown Above: Muskrat, Woodchuck, Badger, Gray Fox)

Dubbing Fur Patches: Go Nuts with all the fur choices here. Many shades and colors to choose from. Nutria, Beaver, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Cahill Cream Fox, Otter, Beaver Dyed Brown, Beaver Dyed Black, Rusty Orange Austalian Opossom, Dark Brown Austalian Opossom $1.50 each or 3 for $4.00

Select Woodchuck: At your request, I added this fur again. Use woodchuck for the Llama, Chuck Caddis and Ausable Wulff. Great stuff! $2.50/ patch





Extra Select Calf Body Hair: Select Patch of calf body hair. Large full patch has straight hair. Doesn't have short, twisted hair. Ideal for Wulffs. $2.50


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